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Jun 30, 1998
To whom it may concern,

Hi! My name is Jay Morris I'm the General Manager for BML Sports. I was surfing the net and I came to your website because of an article your website has about us. Justin Phillips is no longer working for us however there is still a post in your website about some bad marketing strategies he used. I believe that message is pretty old, so old that we have a new marketing director we many new staff. We are a high quality Sports book and I would like to ask you guys to please take that message from your forum since is becoming a really bad publicity for us. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.


Jay Morris
General Manager
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I replied:

Dear Jay,

What you may be referring to is the experience I had with your casino which was documented here:
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and also on my bi-weekly webcasts
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Even though you may feel that the write-up in the rogue section is old (updated in February 2002) it still holds true. In fact, perusing your awards page just nails the lid shut; you haven't bothered to remove the awards that your casino self-awarded itself. This is deceptive and misleading, and this is a clear example of why most well versed players avoid your casino/sportsbook at whatever the cost.

As for your "manager" Justin, what he did was beyond "bad marketing strategies". He lied about me and then spammed my email address with pornography and I was able to prove it. I never received an apology from BML nor from Unified Gaming who stood by and watched the whole thing unfold.

I'm sorry that you feel that this is bad publicity, but if your company had conducted itself in a professional manner, none of this would have happened.


He responded:


What can we do to take that bad post out of your site. We don't intend to ignore this anymore since is not in our interest. Please, inform me of your requirements.


Jay Morris
I replied:

Dear Jay,

You'll need to be more specific exactly which "post" you are referring to. The forum has a number of them (which are not exemplary), and I have provided you with the URLs of the reports. You mention that "We don't intend to ignore this anymore since is not in our interest." but you ignored this up to now when this was an interest of the player community, and an interest to those who want to see casinos and sportsbook operate in both an ethical and professional manner.

Are you the same "Jay" who spoke to Mike Craig over the phone concerning the incident when around 500 player's credit card details were exposed on the web? These players should have been told to cancel their cards immediately; that would have been the responsible thing to do. To offer them a bonus, and tell them that your e-cash merchant would take care of any fraudulent charges is laughable.

I do not believe that your operation has undertaken any new attitude or way of thinking. Justin may not be there, but he should have been fired the day I informed your casino and software provider on his misguided and offensive actions. My position stands.


Is there anyone else who would like me to consider removing their listing from the "rogue" section or elsewhere?

Please post your comments here!

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You may consider it if you wish admin.

Not for long though.

I have much better things for you to do if you have the spare time.

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