Bringmeluck Casino...


Paleo Meister (means really, really old)
Sep 14, 2001
North of Pluto
The response that they gave to Mike Craig
on the CasinoGazette report, was the
most lame and ridiculous thing I have ever

The fact that they would try to "offset"
the damage that their incompetence caused, by
offering a 50% bonus on future deposits, is
undeniable proof that the "Bozo's" that run this
dump of a casino, are completely clueless, and
assume that the players they might still have
are morons.

Bringmeluck, the best thing you could do at this
point, would be to issue an insincere apology,
(as we all know you really couldn't care less about your players) and then slink back under the
garbage pile you came out from.

Bringmeluck Casino.... You SUCK!! :mad:

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