Brian- an error in the games


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Mar 27, 2001

Hmmm unless this is new variant- Q2 of who wants to be a casino meister tonight- "what is the name of the hand where you hold five cards of the same colour but not of the same suit" - there is no corrrect answer- I guess it is five of a kind as in five red cards but it certainly isnt a flush (five of the same suit)- which is what the game says is the correct answer (leave the NOT out of the question perhaps?)

I wish it was- I WOULD BE RICH!!

Yep, I have been the recipent of the same bug and it is being fixed as we
speak. As the casino pitboss the only thing that gives me solace is the fact
that it always seems to help the dealer. :)
Thanks for the heads up.
Damn it Brian

I was hoping for the reply

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( not smoking anything but a wee drink or two)

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