brett favre = genius


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Apr 18, 2010
Cleveland, Ohio
He is either an attention whore or a teenage drama queen.

No thats Queen Lebron James' job. Yes i am a bit bitter since i live in Cleveland.

Im not mad that he left, thats what fee agency is all about but it was how he did it. He is one of the most egotistical pricks in sports.

As far as Brett Favre goes hes just getting up in age and has taking a beating through his career but has earned the right to have the spotlight every now and then. Unlike someone else i just mentioned. ;)


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Apr 12, 2009
My opinion of Brett Favre used to be one of the greatest QB's to ever play the game .....that reputation is getting more and more tarnished as each year ..and these "IS he retired or not " fiascoes gets just plain ole sickening

Marino , Elway, Young , Montana,Kelly, all these great ones Knew when to step away with class. the only thing Brett has done is made a mockery of the free agent system and his legacy

Johnny Unitas played for the San Diego chargers ..but he was traded by the colts to the chargers...and Namath was waived by the jets and he later joined the L.A. Rams...neither was even a fraction of the great player they once were. and to be truthful their decision was probably based more on finance than anything else. Brett needs to have some respect for the teams that he is "Leading On" and understand that father time has moved on and it is time for him to take his place is history as one of the greatest. he won his super bowl (unlike Marino) and it is time TO QUIT!!
I'm not saying that he cant still play the game BUT.... come on man....Retire with some class....enough is enough.....

Just my opinion