Break the bank

The odds are ridiculous but apparently someone won once in 49er Casino I think (may be some other one) a few years ago but they said it was a software error and a settlement was made with the supposed winner. It left me wondering what really happened because it was never explained due to some non-disclosure agreement with the winner. I think OPA and Jetset were involved. I wish a proper explanation to it was given. If you do a search on winneronline, you should find the thread about it.
You can win $100000 is with probability 1/1000000000, so your expected win is 0.01c. I think my time is worth more. You also need to keep $10 in your account. The daily interest on $10 at 1% annual interest rate is about 0.03c, so it is a losing game whichever way you look at it.

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