Brango / Extreme - Bonus Ban customers with postive winnigs ratio


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Hm Brango and Extreme ) both called them self instand cashaout casinos offered tons of bonuses for every day -Daily Bonuses / Welcome bonuses / Weekly bonuses / Monthly bonuses - Facebok Bonuses -/ Twitter bonuses / Free chips bonuses

Basicly if you have account in their bouth casinos you can use realy a lot bonuses for every day.

Im have account in their 2 casinos - im play few months lose some amount of cash then finnaly in win few times some good money under thier casinos. And what next?

First they reduced maximum deposit method with e-wallets / Paysafecard to maximum 100$ / previous this was 10.000$

After good win im return back some money around summary 800 or 1000$ playing with bonuses and im noticed they change maximum deposit amount per transaction with skrill from 10.000$ to 100$ .......

After few loses deposits around 1k im recived few times 20$ free chips with max cashauts x 10 and when im decided make another deposit then suprised - You are bonus banned - So Brango and Extreme just bonus banned all customers who have positive ratio balance winings / loses playing with bonuses. If you lose they you can uses bonuses if you win then they bonus baned you.

So they are player unfriendly casino and they anouced themself like instand cashauts casino = instand is only with e-wallets and they now decreised max e-wallet deposit to ....... 100$ per transactions - low limit casino in case instant -e-wallet withdrawals.

If this is standard procedure under this group for bonus banned customers with postive winnigs ratio playing with bonus then they shoud put clear rulez abaout in under official terms and conditions - With clear write player is allowed use no more then example 3 deposits in row with bonus / or something like this - Why they offered tons of bonuses for every day if they locked all customers who wins using bonuses to acces to their future bonuses? And how im can deposit even without bonuses if 3/4 of their deposits method was suddnely reduced from 10.000$ max deposit to 100$ / in other deposits methods to 200$

Yes they can do this but lets say honest in this case they are player unfirendly casino with reduced all max amount deposits methods / ( where cashuts is instant ) and bonus baned all customers who win more then lose with deposits using their bonuses. / even without clear write under terms and conditions some specyfic rulez abaout it - just mangament decision your win to often - then we bonus baned you.

How ridcolus is their mangament if player deposit 300$ win 4000$ - next in middle time player make several deposits ( with bonus 100$ summary around 1000$ ) and lose next casino send few times 20$ free chips - and next when im decided make next deposit with bonus im got answer your are bonus banned..... So why you even send in in last week several free chips if you decided bonus baned me is some logic in this? How patetic they are to not understand most customers put back in long period all winings even if player win in short period - Completly unfriendly players casino .

So basicly if player wins under their groups in extreme or brango more then lose using deposits with bonuses then they put bonus ban - Players can use deposits with bonuses only if they lose money if you are lucky winner then = Bonus Ban
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Hello FAZ1,

Thanks for your comment on this .

I will try to explain on how the bonuses work .

We've created the coupons of 200% and more as a "Promotion Chain Sequence " designed for the players to increase the chance of winning and experience our instant withdrawal firsthand or to recover from the previous loss . The terms are pretty friendly and most of them have no max cashout . However as they are higher then 100% we had to limit them somehow ,meaning that you can use them unlimited times until you withdrawal and then you can use them again after a couple of bonus free deposits . Please note ,other standard promotions and lower bonuses (Up to 100% ) are still available and they are not being restricted . That means that the customers still have a choice to redeem a bonus but unfortunately higher bonuses are temporary blocked.
All other benefits ,weekly chips ,weekly spins ,codmp points are also available .

I have checked your account and indeed the limits were on $100 which was not done intentionally and has nothing with Temporary Bonus block . That said I have changed them to its usual ,let me know if this helped.

Again ,you may look at them that way and that we are not player friendly and of course I have to disagree with that , We are trying to be straight and clear on everything .

For every query that you may have which was not solved on chat ,please do contact us directly on and we will help you out .

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Ok thanks for explain you say - " Please note ,other standard promotions and lower bonuses (Up to 100% ) are still available and they are not being restricted " Im just recived in first step informations from live chat - abaout restricted acces to bonuses - so they suggest me im got bonus ban from all deposits bonuses not only from over 100% - now all is clear.