Brandy, whats going on?


Does anyone have info on Brandy? I've heard that they do not work for about 2 weeks (no connection to server). Support gives rare replies about technical problems, nothing on their own forums...

Maybe they have problem with PlayTech or what?


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Looking at their winners list, looks like there havent been many players there since sept 06


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Need some answers...

Does anybody know what has happened at Brandy casino? i have funds in my account and also am unable to connnect!



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Does anybody know what has happened at Brandy casino? i have funds in my account and also am unable to connnect!

I had 605 USD on my account in Brandy Casino. I wrote them 2 e-mails, in which I asked when they will be on-line again and I inquired about how I could withdraw my money since I am unable to access the Cashier section of the casino.
They ignored my inquiry about the money and only wrote me that they were having temporary technical problems.

In my third e-mail I wrote them I was afraid they were going to steal my money and that if they fail to respond properly, I would have to take some action. However, I put it decently; I also told them they were an excellent casino for me before, etc. but that their lack of communication made me worried and that I had heard stories about excellent casinos going rogue (I made a point of using this "Casinomeister-coined term" :)).
They responded by saying that their financial experts were unavailable at the moment and that they would make them look into my matter. I thought, uh-oh, this does not sound good.
BUT the next day, on Saturday (!!!), money arrived to my MB account. All the 605 USD.
I also started a thread on their forum (I don't know the URL but the link is on the casino's website) and described my situation; you can probably still find the thread there; they renamed it to something like "Withdrawal carried out; matter resolved". However, it will be probably buried there under the loads of spam, which is flooding that forum.

I wish you good luck. I was a very frequent and regular player at that casino for more than half a year and they ALWAYS paid me my withdrawals within HOURS (something like 12 hours was the maximum).
It was not until they went off line that I noticed they are "not recommended" here...

To sum it up: I recommend that you write to their customer support e-mail and tell them you want to withdraw the money.

I wish you good luck and I hope that the procedure that worked for me will also work for you. I think I got my money about 2 weeks ago.
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thank you

temporary technical problems......thats what they tell me too. thank you for your positive reply. I have been a member for 4 years and never had any problems at all ,their support are great and i always got paid. I will try further emails and hope to get my 2200$ i still have in my account.
Brgds Andr


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BrandyCasino, News in October...


I contacted to Brandy casino some days ago, and received this response:

Dear player,

Thank you for contacting Brandy Casino Support!

The casino is in the process of changing its owners,
so it doesn't work at the moment.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best wishes,

Brandy Casino Support
Anybody have more news?