Brandy - The BEST Casino


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Aug 21, 2004
Brandy - The BEST Casino !!!

Best promo, best service, best dealers !!

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It is Brandy Casino that is at fault just as much as this damned spammer - if they were not offering monetary prizes for every 5 positive posts no matter where they are made this unwelcome intrusion would not be happening.

Check out this week's Cautions in Casinomeister News and in the Casinomeister Newsletter for the story.

These so-called marketers need to be challenged on this. They have been warned to caution their members against posting at reputable sites like this, yet it is still happening.
Yuh, but the "best"s should all be changed to "worst". As it stands it's still a useful piece of spam, and it'll probably generate a hit or three.
Brandy Casino- Honorable Mention for Top Casino 04

LOL, i guess their PLAN worked.

Here are Top 7 in Gambling Online Magazie for Top Casino:

1. Intercasino
2. Omni (how the mighty are falling)
3. King Neptune
4. Casino Fortune
5. BRANDY CASINO (LOL, Yeah right)
6. Golden Palace
7. Gaming Club

Which one (or more) doesnt belong?

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