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May 10, 2008
Brooklyn, New York, United States
I received not 1 but 6 e-mails from this group. Yes that is considered roguish in my eyes..

from $24 ND bonus USA Welcome <>
reply-to $24 ND bonus USA Welcome <>
to My E-mail
date Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 4:40 PM
subject $24 No Deposit required - All USA players welcome

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Same person or bot for all 6 e-mails..


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Apr 25, 2006
yep at least 5 here between yesterday an today

Date: Thursday, December 17, 2009 10:23:12 AM
To: ja
From: "$24 ND bonus USA Welcome" <>
Subject: $24 No Deposit required - All USA players welcome
Return-Path: <>
Delivered-To: ja
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Reply-To: $24 ND bonus USA Welcome <>
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gambling addict
Sep 26, 2004
I also received a lot of these emails about Box24 but I am not sure it came from the casino or the parent group as I already have an account there and taken advantage of the $24 ND bonus. I tend to believe this is the work of rogue affiliates as Box 24 seems to be quite good. Nearly a month ago, they phoned to verify my personal information after I requested a withdrawal and presto the money was in my account very soon.

The next withdrawal was also very prompt. Within 12 hours of my request.


Mafia Wars Level 472
May 10, 2008
Brooklyn, New York, United States
I got good news:

Dear Sir / Madam

Thank you for alerting us to this problem as a new casino we have many marketing partners that have signed up to promote our casino. However our terms and conditions make it clear that we do not condone unsolicited emails.

I can confirm the the affiliate account has now been suspended and all campaigns with this marketing partner stopped.

Warmest Regards


Can a Mod change the title please. Thanks.
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Mar 21, 2010
my home
it is happening again to me now, i do not mind spam as much as other people though. i find it 1000 times harder to write english then press a button to delete the spam. but I will not support any spam because this is a life rule of mine that i never break along with my life rule not to drink, but i will not play if i can help it because even though I now see this casino could be good, they must pay for their affiliate cowboy

i find this thread by the way doing google search for rogue box 24 and I think out loud to my self alone, Hey I know those Meister people. but yes sorry box 24 even with your fox which would normally seal my playing deal you do not ever get my casino play {unless I forget this all happen, which is may be the most likely} and yes you have an affiliate who is spamming your casino or you have a good excuse for the expected incoming complain after your staff who spamms your casino. and I think may be hard to ever know for 100% coz the affiliate provide such a good fall man you can not be blamed by me for the use of him :p

But who is "Willow Promotions" and why do i get offer of unsubscribe. i think this not look like normal spamm

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