Bovada after live dealer


is it me or is Bovada slots dead after the initiated live dealer?

The tiered player awards also seems to make a negative impact on play. I’m used to not winning but I lose deposites so fast I can’t even rack up points toward my “reward” level.

Haha. Reward.

Takes 20-50$ To get a bonus spin and then you get 1$-5$ bonus. Mostly bonus games give me under 3$ pay on a 1$ play

Maybe I just have zero luck!! Haha!!!

Bovada Service

I-Gaming Industry Representative
Hello Katbark,

We’re sorry to hear that you haven’t had much success on our site recently. While nothing has changed with the addition of Live Dealer or Bovada Rewards, we’d be happy to reach out and go over your play with you.

If you’d like, please PM us the email address associated with your Bovada account, and we’ll have someone contact you as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Bovada Service