Bossmedia confiscates 800euro from me!


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Jan 13, 2009

I am here to write about the strangest situation in poker I have ever been to.
I have been playing on Legato Poker one of the Bossmedia pokerrooms. Before I started my on-line career I used to play live (at least one-two tournaments a week+cash tables in casinos or with fellow students).
I started with initial Bankroll 60 Eur. I was succesfully playing NL10, full ring cash tables and MTTs. Moreover I won 351Eur in 6Eur Buy-In tournament. After less than one month of playing I have got 750Eur bankroll. One day (Nov 2008), when I was trying to log in I realized that my account is blocked. I got onto Legato support, they told me that Bossmedia blocked all my funds: Your account have been locked by Boss Media Network, for collusion on multiple cash tables.

I have written two e-mails to Bossmedia but they response with identical sentences. In those emails I was asking them how can I get my money back.

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for your email regarding your poker account.

Our Fraud and Security Department has detected play deemed inappropriate or consistent with fraudulent activity, therefore your poker account has been locked and your membership revoked by the Fraud and Security Department.

We can confirm that there are no funds in your account. Any further assistance about your account please contact: [email protected]

This is our final decision and no further correspondence will be entered into in regards to this poker account.

Margaret King
Customer Support Team

Suite 812, Europort

I can only guess what exactly are they assuming me of.
I have to admit that sometimes I played on the tables against some of my friends rarely we were using some internet communicators (ISQ etc.) but we have never told each other about our hands. Moreover there were not too many NL10 FR tables so it is unavoidable to meet each other when we both play many tables (I used to play 6-8) at this limit.

What can I do, what should I do? Any hints may be very useful for me. Maybe someone had found himself in similar situation? Help me, please.

I hope you can help me I am quite new to poker on-line and right now Ive got absolutely now idea what to do.
My email: [email protected]

Greetings for everybody,


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Mar 10, 2005
It definitely seems that they blocked your account because of playing at the same tables quite a bit with the same people.....but if that were the case, their accounts would be blocked as well.........are they?

If not, it may be something unrelated...


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Jun 1, 2008
Sorry to hear about your experience dude.

If they've blocked you, not much you can do. They probably won't unblock you.

However if they've taken 800 euros from you, that is out of order, and I would have a go at doing a P.A.B on casinomeister. As this is something you should do something about.

Or get a lawyer and take them to court, as confiscating your money is a criminal offence, theft. And I would fight to get it back. And I bet you would win in court as well and the case would be decided in your favour.

I think you should call their bluff.

Casinos/software providers seem to think nothing about confiscating people's money. Especially when they have very little proof/evidence that the player was actually doing anything wrong. I think they are gambling here, hoping you won't call their bluff by taking action against them, hoping to make some extra money, knowing full well that what they are doing is illegal. Not paying you your money is stealing and as far as I am aware this is against the law in pretty much every country in the world.

I don't care if these people are big powerful corporations, it doesn't excuse theft, and just because they have lots of money and influence doesn't put them above the law. They are suited cigar smoking bullies, who need a good smack in the nose to put them in their place.

We players need to start fighting against these people, and stand up for our rights. As these companies seem to hold us all in little regard and contempt, and are quite smug and wrong when it comes to denying paying people their money, and I think this is out of order.

Eventually it will get to the stage were winning is an offence in the hazy deceptive terms and conditions of casinoland... and people will have their money confiscated because they didn't lose. Everybody needs to unite and start dictating some terms and conditions of our own to these devious people.

I think maybe because players don't make enough noise nothing changes and these big greedy corporations feel they can get away with it.

I would fight them anyway you can, because they are stealing your money.

Players need to start putting their foot down and telling these casino/software providers we aren't some stupid ignorant lowlife lining up for a fleecing. We need to show them we are an important part of their business, without us they would all go bankrupt. Players need to get a voice and stop them taking away our rights... a bit like a workers union or something, a player/gamblers union.

I am getting fed up of hearing stories about casinos/software providers confiscating money because of something they say the player has done, but have very little evidence to support their accusations. It's wrong....

I think it's time to start showing them how important we really are... and how much power and influence we have on their business when we unite...
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Jan 20, 2004
Since this is basically a non-bonus complaint that's where I'm moving this to.

The OP is however not qualified (see here) to post in the Complaints section, which is no doubt why it was posted outside of Complaints in the first place, so I recommend to him that he:
  • read up on the Pitch-A-Bitch process here.
  • use the Private Message system if he has further things to say to those who have posted here.

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