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For me, one of the surprising and rather disappointing aspects of this story and the "removal" of these monies is that there appears to have been no reaction from the specialised gambling media, the IGC, the stock exchange / Boss shareholders or from the Isle of Man licencing people. These are all relevant and were all made aware of this issue, and yet only sites like Casinomeister and OPA have aired it.

It would seem that as long as Boss Media keep to their undertaking to redress the payout questions raised here they will cruise through this matter without even a word of warning or censure. At the very least it would have been reassuring to see a release or two approving of their candour but condemning the action that motivated it.

They would of course be mad NOT to keep to their undertaking as that would keep this debate open and vigorous.

It says something that is not very flattering about the level of concern from parties in this industry who should have a more vigilant and perhaps critical view about such bad practice, and the courage to make that opinion known.
I should add Winneronline to that list. Although they have seemingly avoided covering the story editorially (and I would have thought that was warranted) they have allowed it continued exposure on their forum, where the story originated.
Hi Vickinz,

Ban you?? You almost made me choke on my corn flakes!!! As I mentioned before, my "good response" comment was in response to the spirit of their explanation not specifically the content. A lot of this had not yet been hashed out in public. Most software providers remain silent when there are questionable practises aired, yet this company chose to be vocal about the situation, thus the comment.

I've been away since the third, but since this thread is still active, I'll be checking into this as time permits.

Oh well Bryan I couldn't resist playing Gold Club's promo, and was paid promptly as I have always been. >,sigh<, I rationalised that Boss Media will be very careful to do the right thing now that they need to prove themselves to some of us all over again.

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