Boss Media casinos misrepresenting licensing status


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Dec 12, 2000
November 19, 2002

St. John's, ANTIGUA In an effort to ensure the integrity of the jurisdiction and those companies licenced in Antigua & Barbuda, the Directorate of Offshore Gaming endeavors to ensure that only licenced companies display its seal, or displays information relating to the jurisdiction of Antigua & Barbuda. A number of companies have been found to be claiming to be licenced, or subject to the laws in / of, Antigua & Barbuda when they are not. These companies are:

California Casino
Diamond Club Casino
Jamaica Bay Casino
Jackpot Palace Casino
Kiss Casino
Metro Casino
PlayGate Casino
Prestige Casino

The above companies are Boss Media's licencees. The company has been contacted to remove all references to Antigua & Barbuda from the website of the above casinos.
I suspect it's more a case of laziness than actual misrepresentation. However, I am glad McGinley is taking action - I think he's a good guy, I have met him and his wife on a few occasions.
I've met him too Mr. Namedropper :)

Like I mentioned at the OPA forum, I think they had an over ambitious webmaster that liked to post pretty logos. They are all gone now, but they should not have been there in the first place.

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