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Mar 4, 2003
I am rather new at online gambling. So far I have played at maybe a dozen Boss Media casinos. I like their software but there is something that doesn't seem right about their advertising.

At least two-thirds of the Boss Casinos I have played at understate what their playing requirements are. For instance, several require 15 times playthrough but in reality, require over 20 times. In fact, I played at one last week and deposited a mere $20 with $20 bonus. Their website says 10 X playthrough but I played over $2000 action and still cannot withdraw the total sum. I feel this is deceptive and I think it must be intentional.

They have an automatic trigger on their cashier page that shows you whether you have played enough to withdraw the total sum. Several places specifically say 15-times the purchase and bonus but their setting is set significantly higher.

Has anyone else run into this? I think it is shameful if it is intentional.
Hi tinker,

I have an idea of what the reason for this may be. Most of these promotions have restrictions on which games you can use to meet the wagering requirements. For instance, some say that if you play blackjack, then you need to do 20x instead of 10x. Virtually all of them outlaw craps, roulette & baccarat so those won't count at all.

Are you going by the comp points total when you figure out your wagering? I know at some of the boss media casinos I play at, different games have different multipliers for comp point, so you have to work backwards and divide out the comp points to figure out your wagering.

Best thing to do I think is to give a call to the casino, and ask them how much wagering you've done. They should be able to tell you right away. If you've met or exceeded the requirements, then ask why you can't withdraw. Hope that helps.

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