Boss Casinos that still offer SD-BJ ?

if you re-shuffle every hand, single deck, six - 8 or more decs are equal.
On the other hand if you put 500 on the table the software first win and then sometimes let you win a hand.
It's not a good idea to put high bets online
:eek: sorry for my terrible english
Does it have to be Boss? There are some crypto's i know that do single-deck BJ.

Global Player has single deck games as well. Not sure if they shuffle those after every hand or not. I know they don't for some of the multi-deck games.
Casino-Club and Player's Club Casino have single deck Blackjack, but i think it's tougher than normal BJ mode ;) Good luck
Boss "single deck" is a total slot machine joke. Play all Boss Media games at your own risk.

The Crypto single deck, in my experience at least, deals a pretty fair game. I certainly recommend it over that Boss joke.
thanks for your replies!

I was asking for BOSS since -theoretically- their SD BJ is the only game I know that actually has a PLAYER advantage (.11% I think) but I agree with you caruso that BOSSs BJ is not as random as e.g. Stanley/Harrods/Cryptos BJ....

The Casinos I knew so far were:


Players Club (<= Im a bit suspicous here due to another thread in the complains section....)

Casino Club

Pharaos Casino

do you know any other place??



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