Bookies re-opened

Robert Rabbit

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Jun 21, 2020
I noticed on you tube a new resurgence on streamers posting slots videos in bookies. Most are not wearing gloves or mask and are standing in a small cubicle touching machines which have been touched by multiple people and potentially spat on (I don't believe the staff are cleaning them after use).

Coronavirus has not gone away and the new 1m rule is more about economics than public safety. It certainly doesn't seem a social outlet anymore - I haven't been back and don't intend to go back, but part of the attraction was chatting to the occasional good guy next to you while you were both playing slots and watching each others credit crash and burn :) - something you can't do in a dilbert booth

I just wondered how many people who would have previously gone into a bookies are now avoiding them because either the enforced absence has dampened their ardour for them, or they are just staying away for health reasons? If I were to go back in it would be a firm statement to me that I am an addict if I was willing to risk my health to watch some spinning reels go round.

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