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Oct 27, 2002
In light of my problems in Proc Cyber thread, I wanted to hear from people... do most casinos still offer good bonuses, allow you to play blackjack or some other good-odds game, and eventually cash out with a profit? I've read a couple of posts indicating that people got kicked out even though they followed the explicit rules.

I understand that casinos don't want people making money off them, but on the other hand, I think if you post an offer you should follow through on it. But what I think is, of course, irrelevant... I'm wondering about the reality of how things actually *are* with these bonuses nowadays.

Just wondering if one can still trust *most* of those bonus offers, or whether one is typically hassled.

As a side note, I enjoy playing casino games, and I'm not interested in jumping from one casino to another, playing the bare minimum, for maximum profit. But if I do hit a good run, I *will* cash out.

Thanks for any input on this topic!
I was given a $50.00 no deposit bonus from I read all the terms etc and proceeded to play. I was only playing 5 cent video poker and slots when I hit the progressive on red,white and blue. It paid 1250.00 which was added to my balance which was already up to 200.00
Now, I understand that they don't want to give me that money but what I can't understand is why they didn't put that money back into the progressive (because it actually wasn't won right)
Well they wont answer that but they said they would let me withdraw $100.00 if I faxed them my picture ID and an utility bill. I did this on November 1, 2002 and have never heard back from them. Now they have my picture ID (drivers license) and I am worried. If anyone knows anything about this casino could you please let me know. I hope its not another Windows (same software)
Sorry I just had to add this to my post and I'm new and don't know how. I have deposited money(much money) into other on-line casinos as well as getting the no deposit bonus. Usually I play the no deposit bonus and then deposit if I like the casino. Generally microgaming or cryptologic but I was going to give this one a try. If I walked into a casino and was given a matchplay or comp and proceeded to win money, I don't think the casino would say "sorry you won but you can't have it" Again if anyone knows anything about Silver Sands, I would appreciate hearing about it
Half way down Terms and Conditions.
"Winnings from the free $16 or FROM FREE CREDITS NOT RELATED TO A PRUCHASE are limited to $100."
"To cash in the winnings from free $50 special introductory bonus, you need to wager 9 times a macthing deposit." You did not deposit so they won't give you this big win.
This is why you will only receive $100.
Some RTG casinos have very complicated bonus rules.
I no longer play RTG casinos because of this.}
I personaly do not even like to take the bonuses.
I would rather know I can cash in whenever I want.
I learnt this the hard way too many times.

I personaly do not even like to take the bonuses.
I would rather know I can cash in whenever I want.
I learnt this the hard way too many times.


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