bonuses bah humbug


Banned User
Sep 19, 2008
well its about that time of the month again.....bitchin time, only on this occasion i dont think i am wrong in any way, shape or form. Since i started online gaming many years ago i have hunted for the best bonuses and free money and such. I have now realized that it makes no difference as if they have to persuade you that way there must be a reason. I have tried to stay loyal to one playtech casino but found out they recently changed their terms and conditions to stack the odds in their favour but when i complained about it was told my live chat had been blocked (boo hoo) but this was a double slap as i am deaf. With no way to contact them i post a private message and a normal every day post, but when the manageress comes back to me the first thing she says is thanx for your post on casinomeister, uh oh this means of course the gloves are off. Anyway the upshot was i was left feeling abused by all who worked there and will never return despite them saying we value your custom....yeah rite. It turns out all of the bonuses were a waste of time as they simply add loads of wagering requirements to your own deposit and then they take it back from you, so whats the point. No more bonuses for me and only to play in C/M accredited casinos.

enough is enough lol