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Aug 1, 2005
Now that the above have gone private, where does everyone go now for news of Blackjack bonuses?

In here is mostly geared for slots.
Your post sent me over to take a look:

These public forums will be made available to posters to read until April 1st. On April 1st, the only place on BW available to read about and discuss casinos, sportsbooks, and their bonuses, will be in a private forum (do note this is not the same as the old private forum which will no longer exist on BW on April 1st.)The fee for this private forum will be $30/month, or you can lock in for three months for a 10% discount ($81 for 3 months) and will be open to anyone who wants to join. If you'd like to join, let XXX know either by PM or email ( He will only be accepting transfers to his Stars account, XXX.

The forums will be moderated to keep the content on topic, gnoming and tax evasion posts out of there, and to keep things civil.

They used to have a "private forum" open to approved members, at 30 bucks a month.

Now they have a "private forumn" - open to everyone, at 30 bucks a month.

Desperation? :)

Not a forum I frequented, but from my occasional visits they seemed to be an obnoxious, foul mouthed lot generally. Doesn't surprise me at all this new "business move".
JimMorrison said:
Foul mouthed? Really? I've been known to check BW once in a while and I've always thought they were nice chaps.

lol There's a guy there who also goes by the name Jim Morrison. Talk about foul mouthed. lol Any relation? Cousin maybe?

Hey, I'm not on your case, Jim, just giving you a razz. I'm Mr. Potty Mouth myself. But this is a surprising move. I do not spend much time reading Bonus Whores. But since I discovered it, I couldn't help but wonder if it was self-defeating. Seems like anytime someone finds a good deal, they blab it all over the place, and all the "whores" jump on it, and cause the casino/poker room to abandon the good deal.

Oh well, there's nothing you can do about it. As time goes on, more and more people are going to discover how great online gambling is. It's the best thing since sliced bread. :thumbsup: Who needs Vegas?
You say 'bonus whore' like its a bad thing... ;)

paul1 said:
Seems like anytime someone finds a good deal, they blab it all over the place, and all the "whores" jump on it

Where exactly does one draw the line between:
"someone who finds a good deal," and a 'freakin bonus whore?'

Your buddy tells you about a good bonus and you take advantage of it?
You look online at a bonus website or dredge forums to find a bonus?
Does doing your own research exonerate you?

Reminds me of playing shooter games like Quake and Halflife- if you fragged someone you tout your 'skills', but when you get fragged yourself - that's 'total BS'.


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