bonus types - cash back vs reg bonus


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Aug 2, 2007
Port St lucie Florida
This might be a very stupid question ( and yes I am blond) What is the difference between a cash back bonus and a reg. bonus. If someone can give me a little lesson. :D


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Dec 2, 2004
The difference is basically how you meet the wagering and when the bonus is added.

A regular bonus in my mind would be one where the funds are added at the point you deposit, instantly adding to your bankroll (allowing you to risk the casino's money as well as your own to meet wagering). You then proceed to meet wagering and then cashout.

For cash back bonuses it could refer to an after wager bonus, where you meet a preset amount of wagers and then the funds are added (i.e. you cant use the casino's money before you have risked your own).

Cash back can also refer to money back on losses. So if they say 10% cash back for example, you might receive a bonus to the value of 10% of your total losses, and this bonus may also have its own cash out restriction :rolleyes:

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