Bonus Too hard?!


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Sep 22, 2004
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I been wondering. Would it make a differance if the bonus was sticky or not, if you fealt that you could understand it?

I find, now especially, that the casino's has to try bloody hard to hide their stickyness (or whatever) by making the T&C of the bonus very very difficult to understand. Personally, I turn my bloody back on the bonus or 'free money' if I cannot understand the whole offer within 2minutes.

THIS is my complaint. IF you are going to try and trick us, mr and mrs casino. KISS (Keep it simpel stupid) MY (mean yanker) AYESS. I am not daft, I know you want my money, and I know you are trying to take my money, but bloody hell, let ME understand at least how the hell you want to do it!

I truly believe more and more pple are turning away because of it. NOT because it is designed to nick your nickles.... NOOOOOOOOO!! Because it is so bloody rediculously written!

*sigh* :what:
Excellent point. Casinos may think they are clever by using these T&Cs to catch bonus abusers but all they really do it put off potential first time players from depositing.

And if people do deposit for the first time and then get caught up in T&C problems they are not very likely to play again, are they?!


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