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ATTN: Casino Rep Bonus T&C`s or the changing thereof.

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by Seventh777, Jan 24, 2011.

    Jan 24, 2011
  1. Seventh777

    Seventh777 RIP Roy

    Builder, mainly renovations.
    Planet Tharg, dark side, where nothing grows.
    This scenario seems to be rearing it`s ugly head more often than not :(. So the many questions this creates are thus......

    1). Just how much *changing* of an already open to the general public bonus is deemed reasonable?.

    2). Why is it deemed necessary in some cases to change the rules?.

    3). Why do these changes never benefit the customer more than the casino?.

    4). Should a bonus be subject to different T&C`s, once players have deposited for the *spirit of the bonus* available at the time of depositing.

    5). Are these basically rewritten at will, open to abuse bonuses, nothing more than a get out of jail free card (akin to a Bush/Cheney personally selected commission scenario) IE:- Heads we win, Tails you lose, if for arguments sake there is a grossly overlooked mistake that leads to a huge financial hammering to the casino, that, with reference to the Betfair fiasco was understandable, but never, ever, acceptable behaviour.

    I`m sure this aspect raises many more questions, but i`m sure i`m not alone by asking the reps their take on this:).

    Thx in advance.
  2. Jan 24, 2011
  3. PlexRep

    PlexRep Dormant account

    Ksech asked something similar a while back and I took a stab at answering

    In short, legitimate casino's will only amend their T's and C's if there is very good reason to do so. To go through your post point by point:

    1: Hard to give a number here. I would say 'as infrequently as possible' is the best model to strive for.

    2: see my reply to Keschs post for more on this

    3: Not true. For example, we amended our own T's and C's not long ago to remove phantom bonuses which was desired by our players.

    4: IMO you should never have different T's and C's relating to the same offer. Casino's should know that some people are out to play and have a good time, and others are out to exploit any loophole they can to gain an edge... and they should plan all promotions accordingly.

    5: Going back to point 1... legitimate casino's don't update their terms on a whim or to screw over players. It's just common sense that repeat business and a good reputation is a better model to aim for that ripping off as many people as you can before closing up and running.

    Hope that's of some help to you and answers some of your questions.
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  4. Jan 24, 2011
  5. BoyleCasino.com

    BoyleCasino.com Dormant account

    Casino Operations Manager
    I'm sure everyone appreciates that the people behind Casinos are only human and we don't always get it right, so the need to cover ourselves by updating T&C's when we do get it wrong is an absolute necessity. However, certain things should never be overlooked, like the liability to the house and the games that are included in the offer.

    Retroactively changing T&C's is a big no no in my camp. If you claim a bonus with the 'old' T&C's, those are the ones you abide by. Only once the T&C's have been updated should you be bound by them. We do make mistakes though but we generally notice them pretty quickly so to avoid as much confusion as possible.

    'Abusing the spirit of the bonus' is a strange one. Personally I've never removed a bonus from someone who has 'taken advantage' of it, although I have obviously cut people from bonuses if I feel they are only playing to beat the bonus and not to enjoy the Casino.

    Also, your comment about never benefiting the customer...this is probably because we prefer to be too relaxed on bonuses than too tight. I'm halving the wagering requirements of our opening offers as of Feb as I think they're too tight...I'd say that was in your benefit :)

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  6. Jan 24, 2011
  7. Seventh777

    Seventh777 RIP Roy

    Builder, mainly renovations.
    Planet Tharg, dark side, where nothing grows.
    Thx for the replies guys :thumbsup:, I think you both pretty much agree that the clauses in the T&C`s which allow changes, should not be implemented whilst the bonus is active, and also a huge :thumbsup: to PlexRep for removing phantom bonuses and to Paul for decreasing those nasty W/R`s by halve :).

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