Bonus T&C readers - help me out!


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Feb 21, 2006
A few comments in other threads makes me wonder, so I will sum it up in a simple question. I am a lazy reader, and when install Windows I do not reat the Eula - just as when doing a bonus I expect to keep my winnings aslong as I complete the WR (playthrough). Obviously I might be wrong here, however I never won any large win on a bonus so I never experienced the dilemma that might occure...

Regarding the match bonuses, let's make the question RTG and MG. If I do a $100 match bonus in eg. 32Red casino, and during this I get a jackpot. Will I not get paid? If the same happends at a RTG casino, will I not get payd?

Obviously you get alot of theese bonuses in your head, and with random jackpots you cant really help winning one if you do! At MG that would mean playing games as Mega Moolah is just silly before you lost you initial deposit?

I only ask since another member here just stated that all bonueses usually have such "caps".

Again - as I do not read the rules I obviously have missed something - I am very anxious now to see if I honestly is far to naive and have far to much faith in the people running the casino industry!



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Jun 11, 2006
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It depends on the bonus. Some bonuses have max cashout limits, and some restrict play on slots with progressive jackpots. However, most bonuses have no such restriction and should pay the full jackpot (after you complete the bonus wagering).


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Mar 13, 2008
Live Support the folks to ask

Different casinos have different bonuses and different rules. The same casino may have different terms for different promotions. I always read Terms and Conditions. I have a background as a legal secretary (among others), and English is my first language.

I will only deal with casinos that offer Live Chat as a support method. Telephone calls do not provide a record of the CSR's responses, and I am not patient enough to rely on email for most of my questions. I expect that any reputuable, CM accredited casino will abide by their CS's responses, even if in error. Even when I think I understand, I usually contact CS, just to confirm that I am interpreting things correctly.

Some questions to ask:

  • What is the win ratio? (then confirm their response)
  • So that means I have to gamble how many dollars on slots?
  • Is that all the slots?
  • Can I play other games? If the answer is yes, ask if I play other games, do they count towards my win ratio?
  • Are there any games I can't play?
  • How will I know when I have met my win ratio?
  • What is the minimum amount I can withdraw?
  • Is there a maximum amount I can withdraw?

Contact support again if you are lucky enough to meet the win ratio, particularly if this is a signup bonus.

Ask the following questions. Even if you do not intend to cashout just yet, this is a good time to clarify where you stand.

  • I believe I have now met the W/R. What do I need to do to make a withdrawal?
  • How long does it take to process my withdrawal if I use (insert payment method of choice)?
  • Do you have a reverse withdrawal period? Are you able to flush that if I ask?
  • If I continue to play without cashing out, will I earn comp points for your loyalty program? (If this answer is no, cashout and make another deposit if you want to keep playing).
  • I spoke with *so and so* earlier in support. They told me there was no maximum cashout (or that maximum cashout was $XX) Is that correct?

If at any time you do not understand their response, ask for clarification. And please remember to thank the staff for their help. Most of these clerks work a job that is not particularly rewarding either financially or emotionally, and a simple thank you costs you nothing, and you may well deal with that same person again.