bonus rounds rant


Meister of Infractions
Is it just me but if you spend a shed load of cash and several hundred spins later hitting a bonus round, you expect some sort of win. but apparently not! bonus round on immortal romance = zero winnnings :eek:

Isn't the bonus round the "reward" :confused:


Meister Member
* Finally, How long have I had to wait for this
* Fuck me you are allowed to give a win you know!
* Oh whats the fucking point, fuck off!
* Go on - re-trigger, na didn't think so
* Big win, 4x go fuck yourself
* Wild on reel 1 - oh look still no win
* Finally wild desire, reel 5 only, no win piss off
* Extra wilds, erm Where are they then????
* All wins x5, what 'wins' would those be then?
* Scatters on reels 1 & 2, another '3-reel teaser' fuck you!
* Yes all 5 scatters, Get the fuck in, oh dear its Jack & the Beanstalk
* This time, yes go on go on, 5 reel join up, BOLLOCKS J, Q, 10 singles

I could go on :p