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If a casino says they will match $100 with 100% bonus BUT I have to not only play my $100 15 times, but also the bonus 15 times before I can cash out...thats obviously playing a total of $3000 before cashing out. Say in minutes I lose it all and maybe played a total of $500...does this mean that the next (non bonus) deposit I make applys to the cash out rules above until I actually hit the $3000 mark? OR does it start over fresh?
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If you lose the first deposit. You are done with them. Next time is fresh start!
I had been there several times, that's how I know. LOL.


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It depends on WHICH casino you play at. Some will carry over to the next deposit (Intercasino, William Hill, The Sands, etc all cryptologic) your unfinished wagering requirements. When in doubt, call or write to support (writing is sometimes better because you have their reply in writing) BEFORE you make a subsequent deposit.


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I think most of the casinos staff are not very clear about that. It's quite confusing in fact.

About this issue, I send e-mail to ask several casinos, most of them say that the WR will NOT be carried forward when you have "lost all your deposit".

But when I further ask when "all the deposit" are lost (becuase, sometimes say if you play Baccarat and bet on Banker, they take 5% commission if you win and leave you with some odd amout of dollars in your account, say $0.05 and you can't bet this tiny amount in any game), no casino can reply me. I am still waiting for their reply.


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If there's any remnant of the bonus/deposit left, then you'd still be on the hook. Some, like City Club, say that if you are down to $1 or less then you're off the hook.


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LOL. I played at Intercasino 3 times and always has "NOTHING" left. Omni 2 times with same situation. Sands 1 time, down to ZERO. That's why I don't NEED to meet wager requirement.

I did terrible at cryptologic software casino, so I basically gave up on them.

Thank you for information. Dear Wanda, good luck!