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I recently made my first $100+ purchase at an online casino (7 Sultans Casino) which on the next business day I was to receive a $40 bonus for the additional purchases. They are stating that they comped my account on 1/31/00 for the bonus. But that was only the bonus for opening a real account ($10.00).

They're being dickheads about the situation, trying not to give it to me. I'm not hard pressed about this because I only do this for side entertainment, but it's basically I mad about the principal of the offer and their denial to carry through with the offer.

Any suggestions as to what I can do to have them follow through on their offer?

I've received payouts and such before with no problem from them. this is my first disagreement with their casino.
You could ask them for an account statement from January. You could normally get this yourself from their website, but they only keep the most recent two months deposit/withdrawal statements on the web. Playcheck is even better (showing all transactions including bonus deposits), but that is only for 7 days.

Did you follow the instructions on their website for claiming the bonus (i.e emailing them with the proper bonus code) after making your deposit?
Yes, I followed their instructions to the "T". this was my first $100+ purchase. They emailed me back stating that my account had been comped for the offer. But it was only comped for the initial bonus of $10.00 for opening a real account. All of my purchases prior to my $100+ purchase were in the amounts of $20, $20, $50, and $80. The email I received back from them stated that the $40 bonus would be comped upon your first purchase of $100+.

I haven't had a gripe with them yet. And even now, it's more the principal of the denial of the offer than of the $40.00 bonus.

I am not a full fledged gambler playing high stakes. I merely play when I have some extra money to burn and don't want to leave the house to be entertained. I don't plan on getting rich.
Hi Brewrock

I am writing on behalf of 7Sultans Casino. We heard that you have not yet received your $40 comp and are deeply concerned about it. Please mail us at and we shall do our best to resolve this immediately. We are not in the habit of denying people their bonuses and do not plan to start now.
Thanks for your cooperation.
I emailed 7sultans a long time ago about the refer-a-friend thing but didn't get a reply. I was following the instructions on the page about how to refer people. I had to email 7sultans first and they were supposed to email back something.

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