Bonus Buys but X win?


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Jun 11, 2008
I watch a fair few streamers and what is bothering me personally, whether I watch it live or highlight videos is when the streamer buys a bonus and the example happens (this happened with spintwix earlier and the whole chat went for me haha)

He bought a 2000x bonus at 80c which cost him €1600

The bonus won 5.5k or so

He and others are referring to that as a 7600x win

To me, that’s a 3x win

If I go and place 1k on red and win 2k that’s 2x

Am I right or wrong?

It just annoys me because the bonus buy is so huge I really can’t justify the streamers saying it’s a 7600x win when they’ve just paid 2000x (or whatever) for it

Sorry for rambling. Just open for discussion!


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May 13, 2014
Been discussed numerous times since the arrival of bonus buys, never an agreement reached as best I recall.

Can understand both sides of any 'arguments' but in my opinion......

Based on a £1 normal spin, If you (player A) invests £100 in a bonus buy and the feature pays £500 then they have won 5x what they invested so the win is 5x and NOT 500x

Those who insist its 500x are just either crap at math, trying to hide their disappointment or just plain stupid :p (Triple stupid dumb ass if they happen to be live streaming at the time!)


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Jan 2, 2018
The multiplier is the stake size, so if you've paid £100 for a bonus at 20p a spin, your multiplier is still based on the 20p.

Your take is still obviously x the bonus buy, but the multiplier is still the stake as if the bonus landed naturally. That's how I always see it.


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Oct 17, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Speaking of this while i'm a fan of No Limit City games I have just noticed that if you go to check out replays all of the mega big wins now show the x amount as the normal stake size and no longer show that it was a bonus buy which is not right. Previously I had seen some super huge wins on Deadwood and Punk Rocker etc but seen only like x5 or x6 which clearly showed that it was a bonus buy but it doesn't seem like the case any more.

Does this mean that absolutely 0 people will ever win the claimed 150,000x playing at normal mode and not bonus buying whilst a few that do end up winning the 150,000x will really be winning 75x but show 150,000 to give false hope to people playing it normally ?


Apr 27, 2020
It's no different from games that say you've won xxxxxxx coins. Take out the coins per line and number of lines and you've just won 30x bet.

As a payout, your win is a multiple of the bet. So 3x etc. However, the slot model won't know what you paid for the buy in, so your win will still be a multiple (5500x). You just paid 2000x to play it. Both are therefore correct depending on how you word it.

I would say, however, if a buy in is exactly 2000x then it's highly unlikely you're playing the same bonus round as if you'd won it naturally. Unless of course the RTP is much lower (it obviously can't be over 100%). Most likely means you're playing an enhanced version of the bonus round (good or bad) that's aiming at the desired RTP. That part would worry me more as you may be watching bonus rounds that are far better than what you'll get should you win one naturally.

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