Bogus Bonus offer from SlotsPlus casino


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Nov 6, 2005
This is long and I apologize in advance for that. I'm not posting this because I want it resolved, at this point I do not, I just want anyone who gets this offer to be aware. I would bet that this casino group is on the Rogue list already anyway. With that said...

I received a postcard in the snail mail last week from SlotsPlus casino for a Winter Nights Celebration $125 bonus that must be redeemed by Feb. 15, 2008. I didn't even know I had an account with SlotsPlus, but wow, nice bonus, thanks guys!!! right? WRONG! Here's how it all played out...

I didn't have the casino downloaded, but that's not unusual because I tend to clean up my computer a couple times a month and remove unused casinos and such. So I downloaded the casino and tried to log in using my usual user names, none of which worked. I opened their website and found the live chat button and asked the gentleman who answered if he could please look for my account name with SlotsPlus because my username doesn't seem to be working. I explained to him that I wasn't sure if I actually had an account with them but I didn't want to register a new one because I know how the RTG's are about having multiple accounts. He informed me that I did not have an account and to go right ahead and register a new one, which I did.

Once I had everything ready to go, I went into the cashier and put in the coupon code 125777 - ready to spend a quiet evening playing. I got the message that the coupon could not be used at this time and to contact customer service... ::sigh::

Back to live chat, same guy answered. I told him about the coupon I received, gave him my user name and the casino name and I described the postcard and bonus offer. I asked him if he could help me get it to work. (by the way, I had mentioned this coupon the first time we chatted). He then tells me that this coupon offer is sent to depositers and since I hadn't deposited before I must make at least a $20 deposit and I would then be able to use the coupon. This seemed a bit odd because why would this casino send me an offer that I clearly cannot use? He told me that it is their way to get players to try them out. He then told me about their initial deposit bonus, 125% with 40x playthrough and no max cashout, and told me to be sure to come to chat and request it when I made my deposit. I thanked him and explained to him that I could not make a deposit until the next week but that I would be back.

Okay, so this postcard sits on my desk for a week, taunting me!! Finally, today, I have my gambling budget for the week AND the day off work, what better time!! Excitedly I made my first deposit of the day into SlotsPlus casino - $20, just as I was told to do. I then went to the live chat and spoke to Ruby and explained to her that I was told to contact chat to request my initial deposit bonus. I typically won't use a deposit bonus at an RTG when I play because I don't like the caps, but this was a no-max and I do like those. She put the bonus right into my account and explained the terms to me and I was off to play... woohoo!!

Okay, it took me less than a half an hour to lose my $45 because I couldn't hit the side of a barn this morning - but that's okay, I don't expect to win, I hope to, but don't expect it, so I'm not angry about that, although it did seem unusually tight for an RTG.

I then went and played at another casino for a bit, got some things done around the house, and came back to my computer to relax with my $125 bonus. Guess what, I got the same message in the cashier that I could not use the coupon at this time and to contact customer service... so I did.

This time I talked to Kelly at live chat. I was trying to explain to her what I had gone through in order to get this bonus redeemed, but before I was even finished with my story (and it wasn't a long one like this) she jumped in and told me that coupon 125777 is the initial deposit bonus... WHAT??? "No," I tell her, "that's not what it says..." I told her to please let me finish so she would clearly see that I had been told I could use this bonus after I became a depositer, blah, blah, blah... I also told her that nowhere on the postcard, or at the terms of service for this coupon on the webpage does it say it is an initial deposit bonus. It doesn't even say it's a deposit bonus!!! This just says I get the $125 free bonus. Then Kelly got a bit short with me, pastes the terms of the initial deposit bonus (which I'd seen twice before already) and tells me that I have already used the $125 bonus earlier today.

Finally I gave up the argument and told her that I had felt I had been swindled into making a deposit into their casino, like I had been cheated, and that I would like her to close out my account because I would not play there again for any kind of bonus. I also asked her to tell me the names of the other casinos they own and to please close any accounts I have with them, too. She refused to do so and told me I would have to email each of them separately in order for them to close my account, which I fully intend to do. I had to ask her four times to give me the names of these other casinos, she was seeming to not want to do that, either.

The moral of the story is, as we all probably are already aware of, beware of depositing at SlotsPlus and their sister casinos because if they are going to send you bogus bonus offers and then lie to you in order to get you to deposit, are they going to pay you if you win? I wonder.

btw, in case you want to know, the sister casinos are Vegas Casino Online, One Club Casino, Sun Palace, and Las Vegas USA casinos.


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Oct 14, 2004
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Incompetent CS

Another case of incompetent CS. Each time you contacted them you were told something different, and actually NONE of it is correct.

While the initial deposit bonus is indeed also $125, the snail mail is intended for EXISTING players, as you were first told, which is why you had to make a deposit. Because you had to create a new account, you didn't find the coupon working BECAUSE you didn't use the account on file.
The problem is that this group moved from Playtech to RTG, and in doing so shed some casinos, moving those players over to equivalent accounts with the RTG casinos.
I believe that Diamond Deal or Twin Aces (Playtech) players ended up with SlotsPlus or Sun Palace accounts after the move. Players who already had Sun Palace accounts under Playtech, and one of the others, ended up with TWO working accounts at Sun Palace. Players, of course, were expected to use one of these, and discard the other (not claim promotions on it).
The Playtech style usernames from the two that closed were transferred over, and will work on the RTG brands.

If you have ever had accounts with Diamond Deal and Twin Aces, try using these details to log into SlotsPlus, or indeed Sun Palace.

If you have NEVER before played at this group, even with Playtech, then they have some explaining to do as to how they got your SNAIL MAIL details for what is in effect, SPAM, but via Snail Mail.


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Jun 28, 2007
I have an account at this casino. I would not tell anybody to play there. I have never cashed out after multiple deposits. Their games are extremely tight - have requested their payout % recently.


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Apr 28, 2006
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I just picked up my mail from my post office box and found the same postcard. They sent it to me after the cut off date! Thanks for the heads up.


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Jan 9, 2008
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Same old tricks.....

Yesterday I received a "special invitation" in snail mail to take a FREE $125 bonus at SlotsPlus. It did not say anything in large or small type about being a % bonus.....I just need to log in and redeem coupon 12556 and get the free bonus. Of course I fall for it and enter the coupon code in the cashier and get the message about getting the deposit after my next deposit. Based on my experience, they are more ROGUE than Virtual Group.


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May 30, 2008
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slots plus mainstreet group

I can add a little to this if thats ok, I only play every few weeks, and only at slots plus, having had a small win a while back. I only ever deposit 100 - 200 usd a time, but I was having a dry spell, (no wins of any real size in 8 or 12 weeks) so I ask I mention it to the online help people, and I get a msg back
saying that they had reviewed my case and that the payouts (in my case) where under the percentages (If you ask i can quote exactly the phrasing they used). They went on to give me a 100.00 bonus (nice of them) but they fail to tell me that it isnt 30 or 40 x play thru, but only 10 or 20 (i forget) which really sux as i had a chance to walk away with 1200.00 but didnt because I felt i hadnt done the 30 or 40 x.. urggh, anyway my 2 cents worth.
As for tight, my dads Scottish and they for tightness make my dad look like
a philanthropist. lol tight, they are like a camels anus in a sand storm. but they do pay if you do win.. LOL its the winning thats hard.

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