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Sep 14, 2003
I have put this on before unfortunately I've had few responses but I noticed somebody else got took. The UK Casino CLub along with its two sister casinos, challenge casino and music hall offers a bogus 50% bonus. BEWARE.
It is not a bonus like we call a bonus.
The bonus money is put into a bonus account that is separate frome the cash account. Money is transferred at the discretion of the casino from the bonus account to the cash account and then it is further subject to more play to collect. If one hits a jackpot or a royal or anything worthwhile they will never see the money. A portion of it will be transferred to their cash account. I wagered almost $1000 in my bonus account only to have around a whole $7 transferred to my cash account. If I had chosen that transfer then I would still have to bet a multiple of that $7 to ever collect it. What a BOGUS BONUS. ON top of that they are slow pay. Stay out of these casinos unless they change this bogus, misleading, and deceiving promotion.
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Yeah right! Also add to this list Golden Reef and Aztec Riches from Casino Action Group.

I won the 6th place at the last BJ Tournament and they transferred the 200$ Prize in a kind of "Bogus Bonus Account" . I played for 2000$ in this account and transferred finally a huge amount of 12$ in the real account,...

Thank you for contacting Customer Support.

The idea of the bonus account allows you to play your bonus through to experience the casino. The bonus is an incentive to attract real players. The rate at which the amount that you can transfer to your real account after playing in the bonus account is inconsequential. If you win in the bonus account then that is fine, you can still turn this in to real cash with every dollar you play with.

This is free money and although there are small wagering requirements on your Real account this money can be cashed in once they have been achieved. It is unfortunate that these stipulations have to be made at all, but with the ever increasing number of opportunists restrictions need to be made.

Music Hall Casino is a great environment to play in with many competitions and promotions being offered all the time. With this in mind and the bonusing that if offered at sign up, makes this a very attractive place to play.

So, the bonus is only meant for us to experience the casino and the rate it transfers to our real accounts is inconsequential. Music Hall is a great place.

I guess that means us customers are the ones with problems. Right. :flamemad:
The UK Casino Club casino is reviewed at Casinomeister.

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