bodogs and rtg software, i guess i'm not the only one


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Jun 13, 2006
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i've been reading about the issues with the rtg software and i thought it may be informational to share my experiences regarding Bodog, Grand Aces, and 49'rs (all RTG) Some of you may remember some of my experiences but i thought i would give a summary.

Grand Aces: i won a random jackpot but collected only $2000 out of over $6000 because of a coupon that had a "win limit." They were very courteous and expedient regarding my cashout of $2000. However, even though i was assured that the remaining amount would be put back in the random jackpot, it NEVER was. Inet did this so obviously it is possible. The problem with this is that the casino essentially kept the extra money that was built by players. (remember that the jackpot is seeded at $1000, the rest is contributed by players for players to win, not the casino.) This can easily become another method to raise the house edge (how many random jackpots are won by ineligible players?) though admirably, some casinos now exclude jackpots from this "win limit" rule.

Bodog: i won a random jackpot here as well. loved the customer service, the games were very fair AND fun. But for the last month the games have been extremely tight IMO. though embarassing, i have lost much more than the value of the jackpot i won because i kept thinking "there's no way it can continue to play so poorly." it is difficult to play cleopatra's gold WITHOUT hitting a bonus for 750 to 1000 spins (trust me, i've played a lot of this game, lol), yet, last month it was a VERY common occurence, so much that i e-mailed support to complain and refer to some of the posts on casinomeister about some player's concerns. aftwards, i was able to win back some money and the game seemed much more fair and fun. after playing for "forever" on a large deposit, i cashed out some winnings thinking that i would get a "big" comp since i always get about 10% of my deposit if i lose it. After all that play (easily >60hrs betting at least $2-$5) my comp was ...... $5.

that was really disappointing considering how much i played and lost there for the last month. i closed my account yesterday.

49r's: used the sign up bonus, it was good and WR seemed fair. played the new games and lost $200 + $200 bonus before i was 1/5 finished with the WR. didn't get a chance to learn anything about the casino tough, i may try again as the bonus seems fair and i may have had another "bad streak." but the new games seem very hard (much more fun in "fun mode")

i am an avid lover of rgt slots, but i have quit rtg now not only because they seem to take money without equivalent entertainment value (notably this last month), but because i don't feel comfortable with slot payouts that are totally unknown and can be adjusted at anytime. (a bodog rep told me awhile ago that their slots have ALWAYS been 96%, 2 days ago, i was told they have ALWAYS been 97%...)

i don't know if anyone has played more of cleopatra's gold than i have in a 3 month period, but i have noticed a significant difference in the play in the last month(especially number of bonuses, retriggers, and amount won during bonuses.)

i think rgt needs to reconsider their software so that it cannot be changed and payout percentages can be reported for each casino (That seems a plus for MG casinos), but i get the feeling the rtg casinos wouldn't want that .

don't get me wrong, i still love slots. maybe i have to try MG casinos, though i guess they can go dry for long periods too... but not a whole month i hope, lol.

i guess the whole point of this thread is.. "yeah, me too...."


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May 29, 2004
Personally I think that you picked your RTG's well - gut feeling and history says the 3 there are well above board, iNet in particular.

However with RTG there is always that niggling feeling that the less reputable casinos can change the percentage payouts if they are having a bad month. I'm sure most don't, but once you know casinos can control some of the payouts of games, you can't forget :)

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