Bodog Taken out of Accredited List


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Mar 17, 2003
I vote that Bodog be taken off the Accredited Casinos List until they could put their act together and pay everyone that they owe without a NSF Check.

CasinoMeister, perhaps you could look into this problem and perhaps give some insights into it? It's not only NSF but rather with all the other problems rising from Bodog, I think it would be good to at least put an alert on for everyone to know what's happening with them before they start playing and then find out that they are going to get a NSF check.


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Dec 27, 2004
Bodog is not on the Accredited Casinos list now.It was accredited in the past but not now.
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Jan 13, 2006
not on the list

Apparently they are on no list. Not on rouged list or any other list


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Oct 9, 2006
I wrote them

That's funny how timing works. Yesterday morning I wrote Bodog because I am still waiting for my 3 checks since 4/30/07 ( i know, your tired of hearing me bytch and moan) lol.

Anyway, I told them that it would be ashame if they were demoted on the casinomeister list because of all of there nsf and slow payments as of late.
I thought it may help boost my time but ALAS...they said the same thing....Ill get it soon

I told them I wasnt going to spend any more money until I get paid. I know i only spend $20 a day but that adds up like everything else!


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Jan 13, 2006

I sent them an email asking what my withdrawal options were. Asking if I could split between two methods. Next thing I knew payout was processed via check.

Thank you for your continuing correspondence. We do understand your frustration with the situation
>and we do apologize that there was some confusion with your payout. We can see that at the time that
>your payout was requested, it does appear you were inquiring about the payout options rather than
>requesting a payout.
>As stated in our most recent response, we are unable to change the payout method as it has already
>been sent to our processor. We can understand if you feel that you have been mislead about the time
>frame that offers for Check by Courier Payouts. We always give estimated time frames when
>clients can expect to receive their payout requests however we don't have the ability to guarantee an
>exact date when withdrawals will arrive. We understand that the recent payouts that were processed via
>check are taking a lot longer than we initially anticipated and that it can be very frustrating for
>our clients; however, our processor is limited to the number of transactions that they can process
>each day.
>Since they have received many more payouts requests than they are able to process each day, it created
>a bit of a backlog for them. We are trying to get this backlog cleared up as quickly as we possible
>can so that our clients can receive their payouts; however, it will take some time.
>Please understand that this industry is constantly changing and there are not a lot of financial
>institutions that necessarily want to be associated with online gambling sites; therefore, over time
>the processors that we deal with may change.
>Unfortunately we are unable to expedite this payout for you or have it processed through another

Bodog Customer Support,
I am sorry but this is just not acceptable. You should know who is processing my check and be able to check on the status or be able to cancel it and send it via western uniion.

You certainly should have been able to change it to western union on May 23rd. But you refused to do it then, even though I was not the one that initiated the payout request and should have been given the choice of payment method.

It was an error on your part to initate the payout. Given that, I am now probably going to have to wait months to be paid when I could have received the money via western union in a matter of weeks.

I am very disappointed. While I understand your problems, they are not my problems. I deposited in good faith. If you are unable to process payouts in a timely fashion you should not take deposits. It is not just U.S. players that have payment delays, it appears to be players from all locations, so it must not be entirely a payment processor issue.

I have been in management for 25 years, accounting, so I know that it is possible to void a transaction, especially when it has not yet been completed. If you incorrectly submitted a transaction to the processor you surely would contact them to void it. You could initiate a brand new transaction via western union and at the same time send notice to the processor to return the check transaction or void it.

Where there is a will there is a way. Bodog is just not willing to do it. It is ashame to say the least, that you are not willing to expedite my payment and pay me within the time frame I was advised. Especially given the circumstances of how the payout was initiated to begin with.

I have just now issued a complaint with the Off shore Gaming Association regarding this. It has been 15 days and I was told 5-10 days via courier then told 15 days and now told they don't know.
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