Oct 26, 2008
just a note /thought , it seams to me that game providers insert a paragraph in there license rules that there soft ware ,game client is strictly forbiden to be tamperd with including the archatectcher
codes etc [on and on ]

so are we supporting a software pirate in Smitty , and if so how can this make it right

i do miss the avatars and names at the tables and wish there is a way to bring them back safely

while blocking data miners , seams to me that data mining is a breach of the license terms

please correct me on the leagle side of gathering this data

i play without a poker suite , R C


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
You can look at it two ways with how the software was exposed. HH Smithy knew the software could be cracked and knew Bodog was lying about it. They then proved it could be cracked. This is a part of online poker check and balances. The other side is that nobody should try to prove honesty and integrity in the online poker industry as the rooms should be blindly trusted. It has been proven many times that the operators need to be watched though. If nobody ever challenged the rooms and suspicious software, we never would have discovered the AP/UB scandals.

As for datamining, I agree that it should not be allowed and enforced. It seems the poker rooms are not very vigilant about it. As much crap as I have given Bodog for their behavior and security issues, I believe they are looking in the right direction to stop that. There are more secure ways of doing it though.

It is their business and I respect that they will run it as they wish. The main problem I have is they have not done it securely and were not honest about it. Hopefully they have or will get their act together.


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001
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Here is more silliness from Bodog. Calling themselves a news site to begin with is debatable, but to call themselves the largest?

Also, does Bodog not realize that anyone with 30 minutes to an hour to kill could count the traffic on their poker room? I respect their right to keep that info private but it leaves one to wonder what they are trying to hide and their accusations are quite ridiculous.

Note the image as well...

These "kill the messenger" and clearly biased attacks always make me feel uncomfortable around "news" sites and for that matter companies.

For me, the bottom line beneath all the bluster and spin is that Bodog have made adjustments and hopefully improvements to their security, and are to make card histories available to players next year. Would they have done that without the impetus of HHSmithy's expose?

I've been left with the perception that more thought and tighter quality control could have been devoted to the changes at Bodog Poker, which may have avoided having to resort to spin on the issue at this point.

So I'm with PA here - checks and balances are a good thing, and imo a sensible operator should embrace constructive and genuine exposures rather than ridcule and defame the exposers.

I feel the same about these increasingly vicious attacks on Pokerscout for continuing to publish stats on Bodog Poker - not nice to see from a professional company that could, assuming it has a strong enough case, take the matter to litigation instead of publicly bad-mouthing the publisher in heavily slanted media articles.