bodog most recent new games missing


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Mar 9, 2006
Hey everyone...quick question. I downloaded the Bodog casino and I do not see the most recent new games to RTG. Has anyone else noticed this? And does everyone still consider Bodog a decent casino since it is RTG? Thanks!

bodog's told me that they have a testing period before they add any new games and that it takes about 2-3 weeks. even though they are RTG, their customer service is quite good. though some issues have been risen in other threads regarding poor payouts recently on rtg software, it may have been "corrected." still a very reputable casino i think.

This happens with all major software providers.

New versions are released all the times and not all casinos from the same provider get the new version at the same time.

I belive is ruled by who brings more action.

For example, 5 months ago or something, maybe 10... Monaco Gold Casino advertised that they were the first on releasing new Playtech games...

Same happens at Microgaming...

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