Bodog mention on VH1


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Oct 9, 2006
Did anyone catch this?

On VH1 they had this show on last night about the truth of reality shows and for some reason they decided to talk about how this CBS employee had inside information on who would win those Survivor shows. You can place bets on Bodog

Anyway, this employee would get the inside info and place bets on who would win the million dollars. A $500 bet would get you $7500.00. This employee won 4 seasons in a row. Bodog got suspicious(sp) and when they found out he was a CBS employee they stopped it and didnt have to pay him on the 5th one

I just thought it was interesting. Boy, you can bet on anything these days.....I wonder if you can bet on how long it will take for Simmo to get laid!! LMAO Just kidding Simmo, you know I luv ya!! (i just know pinababy is gonna chime in on this one :) )

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