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BoDog - Double Authorization Codes - Anyone Else?

Discussion in 'Casino Complaints - Non-Bonus Issues' started by WagerWitch, Jul 6, 2009.

    Jul 6, 2009
  1. WagerWitch

    WagerWitch Dormant account webmeister

    Yeah - like - really? Hmmm do I have to work?
    I'm having a serious issue, and I do need to know if ANYONE else has experienced this.

    Currently BoDog has been "acting" like it is ALL "my" fault - and if I don't want it to happen - I should switch cards.


    Story is like this - and I have the emails to prove it (yadda yadda - etc.)

    I deposited using Netspend for 100.00

    BoDog's Processor gets an Authorization Code for THAT 100.00

    When BoDog's Processor goes to COLLECT for THAT 100.00 they ask for ANOTHER separate Authorization Code for 100.00 - and they retrieve the NEW Authorization Coded 100.00


    It leaves the ORIGINAL Pre-Authorized 100.00 is LIMBO for 30 days - since it is a pre-paid card.

    Currently there are 400.00 sitting in Pre-Auth State from BoDog's Processor.

    NetSpend WILL NOT release it - because the ORIGINAL Authorization Code is VALID for 30 days --- UNLESS BODOG's Processor faxes them that they can release the authorization code.

    I'm seriously UPSET - and every contact I've had at BoDog has been that I'll just have to wait - or that They don't know what is happening - or they don't have a Manager on Duty - or so on.

    In fact - one person went so far as to say in an email - I should switch cards if I didn't want this to happen again.

    TO ME - this is almost THEFT --- I did NOT approve 2 AUTHORIZATION codes to be drawn against my account.

    I did not AGREE to have my money tied up for 30 days.

    Should I PAB?

    I really AM upset - you should see the emails and phone calls.

    Netspend says their hands are tied - because these are NOT duplicated Authorization codes.

    (Keep in mind this happened to me in 2007 with BoDog... So it isn't the first time.)

    I started making complaints and letting their Financial department know about it since last week.

    I cannot believe they find this acceptable - or that it is happening as acceptable.

    Oh - and get this...


    "In order to help you out any further - we will need your banking statement - not the online stuff"

    Sounds like an excuse to get out of an error to me...

    I mean - Netspend does NOT have a BANK STATEMENT - DUH!!!

    It's only available online.


    Anyhow - I'm going camping tonight - be back tomorrow...

    I'll try to be in a BETTER freaking mood.

    I'm already PISSED that my bank account has been technically "closed" for gambling - to be reopened in about 5 more business days... But now When I go to use my money on my Pre-Paid Card - BoDog has got my money tied up in Pending Transactions because they asked for 2 authorization codes.


    I'm starting to hate banks and people.


    Ok - I'm done ranting now.

    Other than the worst customer service I have ever seen (ADMIT NOTHING - EVERYTHING IS THE CUSTOMER'S FAULT - NEVER LET THE CUSTOMER KNOW YOU"VE DONE SOMETHING WRONG) BoDog is mostly a decent casino.

    I'm just really pissed - because this could not have happened at a worse time in my life. LMAO!

    It figures - when it rains, it pours.

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  2. Jul 6, 2009
  3. rhunleed

    rhunleed Dormant account

    customer service at uk bank
    Hey WW,

    Sounds like a Bodog cock-up unfortunately, but not an unusual one in banking terms. I can see why Netspend won't release the funds....the whole point of a pre-pay card is not to go into a debit balance, and having authorised payments there, they could leave themselves liable to that.

    As for Bodog, not sure how it works through online payment processing, but on a manual terminal reversing a card authorisation should take around five minutes.
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  4. Jul 6, 2009
  5. dcpam39

    dcpam39 Senior Member PABnononaccred MM

    East Coast
    Hi WagerWitch,
    Double charges have never happened to me at Bodog, but has happened several times at other casinos using a Netspend card. The casinos swear it did not happen on their end, and Netspend the same. If you do a search on Netspend I think you will find that others have experienced the exact same thing.
    If the double charge is under $100 they will release the monies after 7 days, if it is $100 or more, they will not release the funds until 30 days.
    Hope you can get it resolved before the 30 day period,
  6. Jul 6, 2009
  7. WagerWitch

    WagerWitch Dormant account webmeister

    Yeah - like - really? Hmmm do I have to work?
    Thank you guys - Netspend has said there are DUAL authorization numbers and has advised until the requester (BoDog) declines payment withdrawal - I must wait 30 days for each 100 dollar transaction.

    Since this happened one other time at BoDog for 100.00 deposit amounts in 2007, I'm assuming someone at their processor end has gotten sleepy or is new - OR... scary thought - that there is a GLITCH in the system.

    It doesn't matter - there were 2 authorization numbers drawn for 4 separate deposit amounts for 100.00.

    I checked at different amounts - which NOTHING double happened for those amounts.

    It doesn't matter - but I hate when ANYONE buries their head in the sand and points the finger at someone else - when you have the information.

    I say --- FIX --- the freaking problem. LOL!
  8. Jul 6, 2009
  9. anniemac

    anniemac Ueber Meister MM PABnoaccred

    Texas, USA
    Yup, WW, happened to me too with Netspend. Got the same response as you did with the same response from the casino. But it hasn't happened since I bitched at the casino and Netspend. Knock on wood!! Not much you can do about it if you can't get the casino to contact Netspend. It also happened to my with a deposit at a B&M casino. Just keep your deposits below $100 and it will clear in 7 days. As if that any consolation.
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  10. Jul 7, 2009
  11. WagerWitch

    WagerWitch Dormant account webmeister

    Yeah - like - really? Hmmm do I have to work?

    Well - let's just say - Netspend cannot be at fault - since there were 2 Authorization Requests by BoDog's Processor for the same amount.

    BoDog has not returned my calls or my emails in the last 48 hours.

    It's Monday - I'm going to give them until tomorrow when we come back in from camping.

    I'm just in to shower and shave...

    But Netspend says that it is IMPROPER activity to ask for 2 separate authorization codes and can be considered theft - IF - they collect on both of them ---- THEN --- they are stealing monies definitely - however - asking for 2 authorization codes amounts to theft - because that money is held in abeyance for them to collect and they have the authorization to take it because NETSPEND GAVE it to them.

    What it is ---- is that BODOG (processor) takes so long (days or weeks) to actually take the monies in a BATCH sum --- and they are too lazy to look up the FIRST authorization number to collect - they just go for a "NEW" batch number.

    To be honest - THIS IS INCORRECT behavior in the financial world - and should NOT be tolerated.

    So - I'm gonna go back out camping - and I'm going to stew on this for awhile.

    Hopefully BoDog will get their processor to release those authorization codes - and I can have my FREAKING money back.

    I have some bills that I'm obligated to pay - and this is MONEY that I have been saving up to pay it off, since they temporarily closed my other banking account which is where my gambling monies come from. It was NOT money that they had permission to "take" or keep in Pending Status and I didn't put the money on my pre-paid card to have them take it out --- I have a specific bill that I have to pay - but have to put it on the card in separate days (because I can only put so much on the card per day)... But NOW - in order to pay that bill - I'm going to have to put 400.00 PLUS - whatever the bill is... Unless I want to wait 30 days until those authorization numbers expire....


    I DID NOT --- give them permission --- NOR DEPOSIT - for the amount of authorization codes they got...

    BoDog had NO freaking right to do this. And yeah - I'm irritated.

    They could solve it simply...

    Just call or Fax Netspend to release the funds for 400.00.

    And actually because it is their fault there should be a big fat bonus sitting in my account.


    You know how BoDog is going to handle it?

    I think... and this is just SPECULATION --- they are going to ignore the problem.

    Treat me ---- like the whole issue is MY fault... and they will continue to act as if there are no problems going on.

    Personally - if the problem isn't fixed by tomorrow - BoDog will NEVER see one red cent from me again - and I'll pull every advertisement from them.

    And trust me - I may not be a whale - but I used to spend at least 500.00 a month with them.

    Currently my gambling budget is at ZERO - but as soon as my account is reopened - it won't be at zero - and they won't see anything from me.

    May not be a big deal to them - but I'm certainly thinking that amount of money was worth someone getting off their lazy butts and actually working for a few minutes - and a god blessed apology.
  12. Jul 10, 2009
  13. WagerWitch

    WagerWitch Dormant account webmeister

    Yeah - like - really? Hmmm do I have to work?
    Like I said BoDog has buried their heads in the sands.

    NETSPEND has advised that this is what is happening:

    BoDog asks for an initial Pre-Authorization...

    Then their processors are FORCING a BATCH through. (Ignoring the Pre-Authorization number)

    This wouldn't be so bad on a regular credit card - where it is revolving credit - but on PRE-PAID cards where CASH is the issue - this causes INCREDIBLE problems.

    BoDog literally TOLD me that there is NOTHING they can do about it and that I would have to wait the exemplified 30 days to get ALL the funds back during the last force batch.

    They REFUSED to CALL Netspend to advise that they would NOT be collecting the PRE-AUTH codes - and that NETSPEND could release the monies.

    A supervisor of the Financial Services said "WE WILL NOT BE CALLING" - when I asked her why not - she said because it is ONLINE entertainment.

    NETSPEND is based out of the USA - so CC issues do not affect them (to my understanding they could give a CRAP about the USA Gambling issue.)

    However - BODOG refuses to call them.

    So after multiple phone calls - I am GIVING UP on BoDOG - the previous LEGENDARY Customer Service that they USED to have...

    The Previous Sterling Company is now a mind boggling waste pit.

    I called Netspend - THEY --- will be contacting BoDog to figure out the charges.

    If Mohammed won't go to the mountains - by goodness gracious - I'm going to bring the freaking mountain to Mohammed.

    And my friends - BoDog will NEVER see a Dime from me in the future.


    I am almost completely done with Online Gambling.

    First - my bank... Now BoDog - taking a helluva a lot more money in authorizations that I DID NOT Authorize.

    Regardless - they made my money inaccessible.

    And this is CASH money - which they had NO RIGHT TO authorize double charges on.

    It may not be a LOT of money - but it was money that I had earmarked for something else.

    And now - I have to eat crow because they can't be bothered to place a phone call - EVEN THOUGH -I sent them EVERY single authorization number - every piece of documentation... And they AGREED that it was a problem - but ONE they cannot solve.

    SO --- please tell me....

    I'm NOT the ONLY person that this has happened to.
  14. Jul 10, 2009
  15. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    WTF is the matter with them!!!!

    This is bordering on CRIME:eek:

    They KNOW they are FAILING to follow correct procedure, and there is a VERY SIMPLE way to correct the errors, yet they cannot even manage to pick up the phone.
    If they can't even manage such simple tasks, they CANNOT be expected to be competent in running such a COMPLEX entity as an online casino & sportsbook. However, you have just shown that they are indeed NOT competent in running such an enterprise.

    They are screwing around with Netspend, who will be getting bogged down with dealing with complaints because BoDog can't get it right. Netspend customers will quickly get fed up with ALWAYS having to put $400 on their card for each $200 they deposit with BoDog, and might quit altogether. Even those who continue will only ever be able to deposit HALF their gambling budget, leaving BoDog will less money coming in from these players.

    Netspend may end up deciding the weight of complaints they are receiving is impacting too much on their service, and block BoDog altogether from taking NetSpend deposits. This will dent BoDog's US market.

    I doubt that Netspend could adapt their systems to cope with what BoDog is doing, because it might then not work with all those who do it properly.

    It also shows up a shortcoming in this entire system of electronic transactions, that a processor can effectively "break" the system by using TWO separate authorisation codes when there has only been ONE actual authorisation by the card holder. The system should ONLY permit the ORIGINAL authorisation number to work, and BLOCK any attempt to take the money later with a different one.

    This may have got to the bottom of a problem that has frequently cropped up on the forum, with these cards going into negative balances because of what looks like duplicated transactions, leaving users unable to figure out why this keeps happening, however careful they are.
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  16. Jul 10, 2009
  17. WagerWitch

    WagerWitch Dormant account webmeister

    Yeah - like - really? Hmmm do I have to work?
    Just fYI as of this date - BoDog currently has duplicated over 700.00 USD in Forced Transactions in my Netspend account.

    Hopefully Netspend will be able to contact someone AT BoDog - and they will be HONEST with NETSPEND.


    I will ALSO say this:

    BoDog comped me 20.00 two different times over this incident.

    woohooo - 40.00 for them technically stealing over 700.00 for 30 days?

    No - what a SLAP in the Face.

    Now - if they had comped me 500.00 - that would have been ok... I would have said - OK - cool - thanks for making my day - and I can hang out for 30 days - knowing that YOU CARED.

    But when it is DISTINCTLY the fault of BoDog - who REFUSED to correct the issue when given a golden opportunity to do so...

    40.00 is like telling me to Go *F* myself...

    This is NOT the BoDog it used to be.

    This is something else.

    And it is NOT good.
  18. Jul 11, 2009
  19. WagerWitch

    WagerWitch Dormant account webmeister

    Yeah - like - really? Hmmm do I have to work?
    And I wonder if they are doing this to me...

  20. Jul 11, 2009
  21. just play

    just play closed account

    Director of Home Operations
    QT is screwing me in a different way (post in ATB)

    I feel for you, yours is much more money than mine, but still it's OUR money.

    You will get your money back I presume after the 30 days, I'm hoping I get mine back.
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  22. Jul 16, 2009
  23. WagerWitch

    WagerWitch Dormant account webmeister

    Yeah - like - really? Hmmm do I have to work?
    Netspend gracefully returned half the funding - which put me in the positive balance - I have to wait the 30 days until they can return the full balance.

    I'm cool with that.

    The OFFICIAL diagnosis:

    BoDog's Processors are asking for a PRE-AUTHORIZATION - then ten to 20 days later are COLLECTING on ANOTHER Authorization number in a FORCED BATCH Transaction.

    This is DUBIOUS practice.

    This is deceitful.

    The fact that BoDog would NOT call the processor - is again another black mark against BoDog.

    I think... And this is just my opinion - one of the WORST CASES OF CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER SEEN.

    If this is how BoDog has treated others - then this is a PROBLEM.

    I am mystified that there are not others who are having the same problem.

    Maybe they are just too timid or too laid back - waiting for the money to be returned - or maybe they don't see it.

    PRE-PAID cards ARE the way to go with ONLINE GAMBLING.

    You should NEVER put yourself in debt to gamble.

    And this FORCED BATCH Transaction should never happen.

    I'm amazed that a BODOG Rep hasn't come on this thread and explained BoDog's actions.

    2 separate bonuses of 20.00 each were put in my account - WHAT A SLAP IN THE FACE.

    BoDog will NEVER ever see another dime from me unless they correct this issue - and I do mean - PUT A NICE HEFTY BONUS in my account (200.00 plus) - and to promise me this will never happen again.

    I've been a VERY good customer at MANY casinos.

    I have ONE casino that I have to fix something at - but I promise it WILL be fixed - I don't blame the casino at all tho. It was MY bank that made the issue happen - and all will be fixed as soon as the bank re-opens my account.

    But all in all - this is the WORST I have EVER been treated by a casino.

    BoDog needs to have a LONG sit down discussion with their processors to make sure this NEVER happens again.

    FORCED BATCHES should NOT be allowed.

  24. Jul 16, 2009
  25. jelsmith

    jelsmith Zombicidal Maniac PABnononaccred

    Special Effects Make-up Artist
    nashville tn
    I am curious about your bank suspending your account? I use netspend mostly but sometimes i am too lazy to go put $ on it so i use my BoA debit card....:eek2:
  26. Jul 16, 2009
  27. WagerWitch

    WagerWitch Dormant account webmeister

    Yeah - like - really? Hmmm do I have to work?
    It's in another thread...
    My normal checking/savings account was closed after an Ewallet purchase that was tagged as gambling.

    Part of me believes that it is part of what is going on in my life caused it... (I'm currently suing the state and the city for BIG bucks... and believe they will settle - and the bank manager - who just got fired --- was the wife of one of the people who is involved with this whole mess) So I think they were monitoring my account VERY CLOSELY.

    Another part of me believes that my bank just sucks the big one.

    Anyhow - that will be resolved COMPLETELY by August 14th - they have guaranteed my account will be reopened by then. Although how they can justify keeping my money (over 15K) locked up - just for their inquiry - even though I've admitted openly that they were gambling charges...

    But Ewallet was where my bank drew the line.

    They were cool when it was just a debit card - but when I did the EWallet they jumped on it.

    Dunno why - and they won't tell me.
  28. Jul 16, 2009
  29. jelsmith

    jelsmith Zombicidal Maniac PABnononaccred

    Special Effects Make-up Artist
    nashville tn
    YUCK! that stinks....so sorry. I dont mess with ewallet I use netspend and have not had any trouble at all with it.....I hope everything gets straightened out for you
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