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Jul 20, 2006
I would think this is safe, seeing as bodog is a reputable site and all. I have been playing the webpage version of Bodogs Blackjack (java, html, whatever) and the dealer has pulled out about 8 Blackjaks and 2 more 21's in around 35-45 hands.. Also it seems like every 2-3 hands the dealer has shown an ace.

It just feels like I'm playin slots or a hi HA game right now. I'm I just there bi*ch today or what?
RTG blackjack can be streaky. As you probably know, Bodog is a solid site and wouldnt have cheating software. Am sure is just a bad run.

Welcome to Casinomeister!:)
I had a similar thing in a Crypto casino. So I don't think that this is RTG software problem. This is just a bad day, I believe. Though I don't play much in RTG casinos. Maybe it is usual for them :what: Hope it's not..
Yeah thanks guys... I'm just a little crazy because someone put a curse on me.:eek: No but seriously, I have been running so bad that I wana puke.

I just went 20 hands w/o winning on crypto software :mad:
I need the odds on this, talk about back luck.
online bj

pretty common for online BJ to go a little crazy like that, best to leave the table for a couple days.
If you want to take the time you can do a little test. Over 1000 hands the dealer up card should be 10 or picture 380 plus or minus 50 times apparently this is a 99.63% indication that the game is legit, I did it last night with a casino that i though was giving me a hiding and it worked out to be 380 tens over 1000hands excactly so perhaps i wasnt getting as much of a hiding as i thought

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