Bodog Casino has Pick'Em poker, but not currently accepting Canadians


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Mar 13, 2008
Hi. PM'ed the Bodog Rep here to ask about Bodog because I read elsewhere that they offer Pick'em, and I wanted to know about bonus offers and such. And what platform etc. and he promptly sent me #for support, and told me they could answer the questions I sent. They are not accepting Canadians at this time, and I am bummed since Pick'em (also known as Pick A Pair) is my fav video poker game. Support told me they are working on this issue (Cdn's), and I gave them my e-mail address. I asked that they contact me when they do accept Canadians, but not just add me to general mailing list so I get mail I cannot use or want, and support seemed to understand. They told me had no idea when, but they have a great reputation here at CM, so I said, two weeks, six months, just let me know.

Is Canada heading in the direction of the US making things as hard to gamble online? Since Canadian casinos in Ontario and Quebec are governement operated or Natively owned, I am sure the gov't does want to keep their piece of the pie.

Fellow canucks, give me some feedback. And if anyone knows of a platform that has Pick-em let me know. Mostly a slot player, but always play at least some Pick'Em at any B&M casino that has it. Even got a Royal Flush (my only one) but was only playing 1 coin, so I am part of the reason this has a great payout table. And got a straight flush at Trump Plaza on my only visit to Atlantic City, when I did have max bet. Was only playingl quarters, but the $299.75 helped my stay more enjoyable, but came home broke as usual.


Aug 3, 2002
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I can't tell you where else has it but I can tell you Calvin Ayre (the founder) is from Canada. I believe Canada has a gambling monopoly or at least a sports betting monopoly and he wants to stay on his homeland's good side. AFAIK Bodog has never taken Canadians.

T.W. Howdy

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Apr 4, 2008
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ClubWorld and Sun Palace both offer "Full Pay" Pick'em Poker (99.95%) if you play 5 coins. Both are Realtime Gaming casinos, and both are accredited here on casinomeister.

I assume that in addition to Sun Palace, the other three accredited casinos owned by the 400 Group have the same as Sun Palace, but I can't confirm that.