Bodog and IE 8.0


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Im not sure whether to post this here or in the poker part or in the sportsbetting part.

I heard that Bodog was paying out faster and went to download if after upgrading my IE7.0 to IE8.0 because I wanted to try their poker. For some reason this is the only place that my pc wont let me download. I spent alot of time on the phone and their technical tried everything. At first I got this thing that popped up saying it was binary folder then I got something saying that you cant go this page or it wasnt found.

Anyone else have this problem? THanks, Ohh you can call me Nicky if you dont feel like writing out my long name


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You kidding me i have had that problem for weeks now after putting ie8 in.
I had to remove it and go back to ie7 then i got back the small proxy problem that wouldnt allow me to view casinos. I spent another week with 404 errors
finally got few things to work reloaded 3dice few other casinos and boom next i know i had a puter crash and the small proxy errors are back. I can play but slowly most pages i cant read in the casinos their techs cw and few more have bent over backwards to help me. Im using windowxp and spend hours back dating the puter to earlier times and still no avail even cant get flash10 player to work and that is the major player for the casinos.
good luck if you wish you can msg me ill find the folders that i used to at least allowed me to download the casinos again.


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I did not realize the problems I would run into using that new IE. I dont have any problems with any other casino that I play at .

Thanks, I may go back to 7.0


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internet explorer RC1

Using explorer when it is still in testing stages will always be risky.

Your current version would be IE 8 RC1

RC1 is short for "Release Candidate 1". Release candidate software is ready to be evaluated by users while it undergoes final testing. You may experience minor bugs or compatibility issues with websites while browsing

Also when using IE7 and online payment facilitys such as moneybookers and POLI you need to run the explorer page as and administrator or your pages will either be blank or wont initiate the the payments page.

Firefox is currently not supported with some ecash facilitys. This is Defiantly required when running the new microsoft windows 7 operating system and vista 64 bit

Solution, use IE7 (32 bit) x86 as an administrator not 64 bit explorer.

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