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Dec 24, 2005
Hi All,

Robyn & I were fortunate to catch a doc last weekend here in Australia about the Bobbi Bear Foundation. Located near Durban (South Africa) it intervenes in child abuse cases and generally tries to make life better for children in South Africa.

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Some of the stories we saw were horrific.

The catalyst from seeing this doc, we agreed that we should do something to help. As such I'm now donating 10% of my affiliate earnings from Fortune Lounge Group to the Bobbi Bear Foundation each month.

I'm sure there are other affiliates here that also earn decent money from South African based casinos. I'd like to urge you too to consider donating a % of your earnings each month to the this much needed and well deserving foundation.





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Feb 12, 2010
Auckland, New Zealand
I have just made a donation via paypal, but it is a bit of a mission to get to the actual paypal donation page as you have to go through a number of screens.

We've successfully processed your donation and we'll transfer it directly to The RISE Foundation - Rough Aunties Campaign's bank account.

The RISE Foundation - Rough Aunties Campaign says thank-you.
Thank you for your donation to The Rise Foundation's Rough Aunties Campaign!

This money will allow the the Rough Aunties to continue their incredible work protecting and supporting abused children in South Africa. If you have any questions about your donation please feel free to contact us at

Your help is greatly appreciated!!
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