Bob Casino has stolen 1000 rubles (13 euros) :)


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Aug 16, 2019
Hello, I decided to write a complaint because BOB CASINO stole my money. ( I have an account with them for about 2 years )
I deposited 1000 rubles to use the reload friday bonus, with a bonus code. However, the system did not add a bonus to the account (49% and 20 free spins). I turned on chat to ask why. The chat agent wrote to me that my computer was logging into another account. And here I admit, my girlfriend has a bob casino account fully verified with several deposits and withdrawals, and in the past she logged in from my computer to the casino, okay, my mistake . I have been playing casinos for 15 years and a beginner error is admitted.
In the chat I got the information that for this reason I can't use any casino bonuses, but I can only play real money without a bonus. As on that day, many casinos offered a reload deposit bonus, I asked if I could withdraw my funds because I wanted to deposit to another casino and play with the bonus offer, the agent in the chat said that I could easily withdraw money.

I made the payment, I was asked for documents, I sent all the documents, my account has been fully verified.

After about an hour, I received an email.

Dear player

During the security check we found out that your account has a duplicate. Please note that it is only allowed to have one account per player / IP / device with or without bonuses. You have breached this rule. Therefore, the decision was made to close your account and confiscate the winnings.

The decision was made by the casino's management and it is final.

I have no problem with it, I broke the rules, they can close my account, but I think my deposit should be returned, it was my money, paid into the casino, no bonus, I didn't make a single spin. "

"confiscate the winnings."

I didn't win a cent because I didn't play a single bet.

I know this is a small amount, but it is a simple theft.


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