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Mar 23, 2005
Putting this here as i know many of us host on bluehost,

Wondering if anyone has any ideas here as bluehost support was useless

About a month ago all bluehost sites started getting double indexed in the search engines because they from what i understand run temp urls. "from chat" Yes it's with every bluehost site. They do have that temporary URL that our system makes with the servers IP.

Heres what i mean

My site is

Duplicate site *snip*

Heres an internal page
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Duplicate *snip*

This goes on for 17000 pages on this site, and all my other bluehost sites

Try it take your ip instead of mine and put it to here if your on bluehost *snip* notice theres dashes instead of .

Google is indexing all of these pages, and in the past month has destroyed all traffic cause of duplicate content.. Anyone have any ideas or if you have a bluehost site contact there support maybe they will do something
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Mar 31, 2005
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Hostgator dedicated servers are good. Don't use their shared hosting business plan though, as if your site gets a lot of traffic they will suspend your hosting without any warning, which is what happened to one of my sites over Easter.:mad:


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Dec 28, 2010

I sent Bluehost an e-mail and asked about the issues raised in this thread.

Been very happy with their customer support in the past, but they gave me rather sort reply this time hehe:

Bluehost's practices are industry standard and Google addresses the kinds of duplicate content mentioned in that URL:

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