Blitz Mode on Casinoheroes, is this what gambling has come to?


Apr 27, 2017
So I noticed some streamers play this Blitz Mode which Casinoheroes has for a selected of netent games (Old / Expired Link)

Basically, you choose your stake and number of games you want to play and their system plays the game in very quick succession and displays what you win without actually showing any gameplay or the slot. If you get a bonus round you can choose to play it normally or "skip" it and instantly see the winnings.

Is this what gambling has come to? Click a button and see if a number on a screen shows positive results?

For a Casino perspective, this is pure profit for them ofcourse, faster rounds = faster loss and more money.

For players, I guess if you really want to see a bonus round you can do it this way, but this evolution of ways to gambling with bonus buys and then this.. it's in the wrong direction IMO..

Update: Someone made a video of this in action:


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Jan 17, 2014
Ive seen lots of people buying scratch tickets, scratching the bar code and scanning it to see if they win without even bother playing the game.


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Dec 13, 2014
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Said it in a different thread - very questionable from an RG perspective and surprised the UKGC actually allows it.

Limiting autospins but allowing to lose money 6x faster. :rolleyes:

Not available in the UK AFAIK - i asked Casino Heroes about it as i couldn't see it on the site and they said at the time they couldn't offer to UK customers.

Looks amazing :rolleyes:


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Jan 8, 2016
If they tweaked it to go ultra fast UNTIL a bonus round is hit , and then play out the bonus at normal speed then I can see a use for it . Not on these games though . Maybe bonanza ...
but overall yeh it's a backward step I mean why not just show the rng results with no game whatsoever and be done with it


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Sep 21, 2013
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Kind of surprised it isn't faster, to be honest... looks like about 1 spin per second, I've seen some normal slots go at that rate on turbo mode. As ridiculous as the video is, also remember that it's someone playing $1 spins on a $20 bankroll, so not surprising it disappeared that fast.

There are definitely some slots I end up playing that I really wish had a turbo mode - anything that averages 5 or 6 seconds a spin feels painfully slow to me - maybe I'm more impatient than others. I feel like just allowing players to open multiple instances of a slot is a better solution than this though, if not too resource intensive - then you can still see what's happening while increasing the speed of play if desired. I know the old playtech download software used to allow you to play multiple games at once, not sure how many casinos do/don't these days with all the multi-software platforms around.

So yeah, I would say I might have an interest in a "spin really fast until something interesting happens" mode sometimes, but I'm not sure this implementation looks very good to me. It keeps incrementally adding up your "wins" without factoring in the costs of the spins themselves - so like in the video it tells you that you "won" $27 or so except that you spent $47 on spins so you're actually down $20. Not a fan of that. It's deceptive and in a very obvious way that I think would just piss off lot of players - "look at how much you won!!!" when you're down a bunch isn't what you want to see. I'd also rather see individual spin results separately.

If I did play something like this, I would obviously play the base slot itself normally for a while so I knew what I was expecting, what the gameplay was like, where the small wins and big wins come from. Then if I had the ability to play/replay features and wins over some amount (10x, 20x, 50x, whatever), then I might not mind missing out visually on all the small and dead spins if I knew how it played already.

Wonder if people would want something like this for a game like DoA, where you have a few big wins separated by a lot of dead time, and the game itself plays fairly slow. Seems crazy to want it for a game like starburst to me, though.

In terms of the responsible gambling issues, I think we're just going to end up rehashing the opinions in the feature buy thread. While I can understand other people's objections, I personally prefer allowing players to make their own decisions rather than regulators telling everyone what they can and can't do (but i absolutely support responsible gambling features that give players the ability to proactively set their own limits on deposits, bet size, gameplay, daily loss limits, etc. I'd completely support an option that allows players to block super-turbo modes and feature buys at their own choice.)
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Mar 29, 2013
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Not available in the UK AFAIK - i asked Casino Heroes about it as i couldn't see it on the site and they said at the time they couldn't offer to UK customers.

Looks amazing :rolleyes:

Minimum game time rules would disallow it..


Mar 14, 2017
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Reminds me of ZOOM! poker that they introduced on Pokerstars a few years ago. As soon as you've folded your hand you are moved straight to another table where a fresh hand is dealt to you straight away. Cuts out all the waiting you have to do for the hand to be completed and the pot paid to the winner. Importantly it also means you can play far more hands, increasing the throughput of bets and therefore profit for the site :rolleyes: It goes against the essence of poker, where you'd normally sit and watch what's going on with the other players and maybe form an opinion on their style of play. Nah, fuck that - let's just turn the game into a betting frenzy and appeal to gamblers who get agitated when they have to wait for a few seconds. Pure adrenaline, no time to think about real life.

I don't really like this Blitz mode but I can see why it would be useful to certain players in certain circumstances, much like Buy The Feature, and until legislation prohibits this sort of thing more companies will start doing it, because if they don't, their competitors who do will have an advantage over them.

It's not really slots any more though is it? All the work that goes into slots with nice graphics and sounds, interesting new feature ideas and so on, and instead you might as well just watch a blank screen that flashes LOSE LOSE LOSE £1.50 LOSE LOSE £1.00 £2.50 LOSE LOSE LOSE LOSE several times a second :(

Greed, ladies and gents.

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