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Aug 16, 2004
Just wanted to post a really positive experience I had with Blackjack player casino. First of all being from the UK I had already claimed a bonus form one of their casinos (Bet Euro) but they still agreed to let me have the $100.00 bonus although technically they could have denied it. I played JorB VP and ran it upto $1000.00 and I have been assured the money will be back to my neteller account today (the same day I played) as was the case with their other casino.Bearing in mind I have recently waited over 2 weeks for a withdrawal from Captain Cooks and 10 days from 7 Sultans (still waiting on A Ritches) it really is refreshing to have this type of experience. OK the graphics aren`t state of the art but to me good customer service and fast payouts are far more important. As I say this is a genuine post and as I was the first to complain when i had problems with a casino to me it makes sense to share a positive experience.Would not hesitate to recommend this casino to anyone.
I got paid by Captain Cooks in 2 days, 7 Sultans in 12 hours, always.
Two months ago I lost $300 at blackjackplayer casino, using best strategy and betting $5 a hand at BJ I am still scratching my head over how I could possibly lose that much in 300 hands. But I have had even worse result with goodasgold which also uses IGW. Their customer support is good...regards to problems you might have depositing, otherwise they have absolutely no idea of what else's going on. I always tell my friends to avoid IGW casinos.
I also had a good experience at blackjackplayer. I just signed over the weekend using casinomeister's bonus. I played $5 BJ hands and netted $250, the money quickly hit my neteller account after about an hour or two after i requested a payout. I'm a big fan of casinos that payout quickly within a day, so this site moves into one of my favorites.
As I said just posting my honest experience - SNUF - how do you get your cash so quickly ? I was under the impression that BOTH Captain Cooks and 7 Sultans have a 48hr " reversable period " so as I say how do you get your cash so quickly ? I was just really impressed with Blackjack Player paying me the same day.
I didn't do anything special, I just requested my payout through neteller and it came through. It might be because I requested it during the night time here in the states.
If you use NETeller, the reversal period is totally pointless because deposit via NETeller is instantaneous! The usual argument of customers might change their mind about withdrawing and want to play some more but can't because it takes too long for bank deposits and withdraws to go through does not hold. With NETeller even if you change your mind, you can still deposit the money straight back in. Casinos that still insist on holding customers' money for a reversable period even though they use NETeller are not really doing it for the customers' benefit.
SW3 Couldn`t agree with you more. This was actually the whole point of my post in the first place.I wthdrew 2 amounts from Balackjack player and Bet Euro totalling $1600.00 and they were BOTH back in my account the same day. The other two casinos I mentioned did have that wrversable peiod and franky as you say all it is is a mechanism to try to make you change your mind about withdrawing. An excellent example of this is Aztec Riches - I made a withdrawal , waited the 48hrs (I think it was actually more like 4 days ) for the pending , reversable period etc and then they e-mail me asking for ID to protect ME from fraud. Why not ask for these docs immediately ? It always makes me laugh when casinos ask for ID to prtect against fraud when you withdraw, if they were really that intersted why not ask for the docs BEFORE you deposit - that way you would be protected !!! Maybe I`m just too cynical but I really believa all this ID , reverseable withdrawals etc is just to make you keep playing.

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