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May 12, 2006
new york
i've been playing many online casinos that offer bonuses. I've come across many that no longer allow blackjack to clear the WR. I have never played slots in my life before and was looking for some help. any suggestions at all on where to start? andy strategies? any help is appreciated. thanks and cheers
Black Jack

Check Playtech casinos...

Some of them still allow black jack as valid.

Casinoking... they are good people and I just checked and they allow Black Jack....

Remember always to read terms and conditions.. some times if you play black jack they will increase requirements... if its a Microgaming casino some of them have some weird requirements that might be confusing.

Black Jack is hard.. I have lost thousands of dollars in that game... for me, Video poker will be a good option.. or 3 card...

Black Jack ruined my life..jejeje... but give it a try... good luck
Hi Troyer, I mainly play slots and usually stick to MG sites as they have a good selection of great slots.
If Black jack is not an excluded game it is usually either weighted in WR or doesn't count at all so be careful.

If going for slots only, MG sites often have more than a 100% match for new players. Shop around but don't just go for the highest % on sign up, always check the WR , average is usually around x20 for slots.

As for playing strategys their really are none, pure luck! But good money management can certainly stretch your bankroll, so hopefully you get enough playing time to hit something decent.

The only playing advice I would offer is ALWAYS read the paytable before you play. Look around for slots with a free spin feature and multiplyer, or any other bonus games.

A good idea is to practice and get familar with the slots in freeplay which is available on pretty much every site. Always a good idea to get a feel of the slots before you steam in with your own cash!

Goodluck! and hope to see you posting in the winenr screenshots before long!:thumbsup:

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If you want to learn slots because of wagering requirements try casino war game.It is easier and payout ratio is higher and most of casinos allow you to play casinowar with your bonuses.It counts towards wagering requirement.
Marvel Comics

Check the Marvel Comics slots of Intercasino...

I don't know why I like that Idea so much...

They got to be good... Amazing marketing strategy from them...

I have never played there.. but you can see the Xmen advertising the site all over the web...
here's my few tips...

dont push your luck: stop playing if you;re on a losing streak. Walk away. This is how most people lose slots, just grinding their money away.

Find casinos with audited payout ratios for slots games that are above 96%.

oh and play progressives once they are up over the usual amount when they go off.
Find a reputable casino, like those posted on this site. Set a limit for yourself and do not by any means go pass it. Quit when you feel like you want to stop. Since Slots is really all luck, if you don't think it's gonna hit, move on to another machine. Extend the fun out of winning if possible, don't try to fulfil some wager requirements if you aren't having fun.

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