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Dec 18, 2006
Hi, I almost only play blackjack on online casinos and so I'm looking for reliable casinos that offer bonuses and don't completely ban or restrict (like some casinos that say only a small % of BJ bets counts towards the WR) from wagering requirements to clear the bonus.

Here is my current list:

Inetbet - signup bonus only ( (deposit+bonus) x30 for blackjack)
Pharaoh's casino
Ladbrokes casino

You are welcome to complete the list :D
Based on your geographic coordinates and your casino list, I am assuming you live outside the US. In my opinion, the top 20 blackjack sign-up bonuses for non-US players are listed below. I did not include 3 out of 5 on your list due to high wagering requirements.

1. Golden Palace / Online Casino
3. Ladbrokes
4. Bet 365
5. VC Casino
6. Bet Fred
7. Party Casino (semi-exclusive offer, requires affiliate link)
8. Private Casino / Red Lounge
9. Intercasino
10. Littlewoods
11. William Hill
12. Sporting Odds
13. VIP Casino
14. Totesport
15. Club on the Park
16. Interwetten
17. Bet Direct
18. Casino Euro
19. Ho Casino / Ho 368
20. Casino - for - me

For a more complete list, go the best bonus list on my site, then click on the "Game" column to sort by game (sorted first by game, then 2nd by rank).
Thanks, very useful info. Some of the casinos you listed are not listed in Casinomeister's accredited casinos, does it mean I better avoid them ?
Thanks, very useful info. Some of the casinos you listed are not listed in Casinomeister's accredited casinos, does it mean I better avoid them ?
If a casino is listed is the accredited section of Casinomeister, you are very unlikely to run into problems. And if you do run into problems, The Casinomeister will likely help you out. In my opinion, you should not avoid a casino simply because it is not listed as an accredited casino on this site. However, it would be a good idea to do some research before playing there to insure that the casino is not known for problems. The search function on this forum is helpful. My site lists warnings is the notes column, relating to possible problems that I am aware of.
Thanks, very useful info. Some of the casinos you listed are not listed in Casinomeister's accredited casinos, does it mean I better avoid them ?
I think most people would advise against playing at No.1 Golden Palace. :eek2:

I'm not familiar with numbers 7, 12, 16, 18, 19 & 20 - so no comment.

All the rest on AKA's list I would have no hesitation in recommending! :thumbsup:

I'm pretty sure the one with the lowest monthly bonus WR if blackjack is played is William Hills (Bx20) - only snag is their monthly is pretty small ($40/25) :(

Good luck! :cool:

PS: Are you in Morocco?
I think most people would advise against playing at No.1 Golden Palace. :eek2:
Golden Palace has had some ridiculous marketing techniques, such as using streakers and purchasing the rights to name a child Goldenpalacedotcom Silverman. If you can accept the poor marketing techniques, the casino offers an undeniably outstanding blackjack bonus (300% cashable up to $300 with 26.7xB wagering). I expect that the clear majority of experienced players on this forum and others have claimed this bonus.
Yes, I agree. Golden palace is a great casino to play at if out of the usa. They offer a great 300% Bonus and have very low wagering requirements.

My recommendations:

Be careful when playing at any RTG casino. They have very tricky rules and most have max cashouts around 10x your deposit amount. Be sure to read the rules in full detail, if you can't find them, or just want to confirm the rules, contact live support.

Microgaming casinos offer great bonuses with no wagering requirements. Although your bonus is slowly converted to cash, its the best way to go. With blackjack, it is better to not have wagering requirements. I like to be able to cashout at any time I want to. Another great thing about Microgaming is the bonus is cashable. You do have to wager 100x in order to cash it out, but it can be done. Most players wager 2-3x the wagering requirement without even knowing it!

The main thing is, be careful, watch the rules carefully, and if you don't want high requirements, don't take the crazy bonuses over 200%!

Good luck, Justin
I deposited 50 Euros in Golden Palace using my credit card and took the 200% bonus (because the 300% bonus only applies to myCitadel deposits if your account is in Euros). I played blackjack switch and cleared the WR requirements with a 500 euros balance :D I cashed out all the balance and sent them the documents that were requested in the withdrawal confirmation email which were subsequently approved. A moment later I receive 2 emails the first says my withdrawal request has been cancelled because I didn't clear the WR yet :eek: and the second that came a few minutes after says they have made a mistake concerning the WR requirements in the first email and I can request the withdrawal again which I promptly did. Now let's see if I will ever get paid...

PS: Are you in Morocco?
Yes, great weather here !
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Golden sucks.

I deposited and played at Golden Casino on the 17th and withdrew a few days later. They said everything was OK and the $ would hit my Neteller but it never did. It was reversed back into my account a few days ago because of Neteller's recent closure to all US accounts. Whatever happens in the US has nothing to do with me but I'm caught in the collateral damage anyhow. It's so convenient for them to accept my deposit via Neteller yet deny my withdrawal via Neteller citing reasons unrelated to me. So after 6 bounced emails (how convenient again), I re-withdrawed the money via Neteller again...let's hope that it'll hit my account soon.. I'm tired of hearing those idiots make excuses over and over again. Just give me my damn money!
Has nothing to do with Neteller, it's Golden being stupid. Accepting deposits by Neteller but not withdrawing via the same method? If my account was in the US (and blocked), I wouldn't be able to deposit in the first place. Anyhow, I got paid yesterday after giving Golden a phone call.

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