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Oct 27, 2003

Anyone have any opinions on or the software from Chartwell? - don't recognise it myself.

Chartwell Tech has been around for some time and work out of Calgary in the Great White North. They have been successful in landing some major land-based clients for their online casino suite and recently launched a new wireless platform.

However, they have also seen several of their smaller casinos fail, and they have not covered themselves in glory in the way that they have handled that situation. Instead of helping out with the unpaid gamblers in the event of casino failure (like Microgaming, Cryptologic and RTG for example) they will not get involved and become very uncommunicative.

So be warned - you're on your own if you have the misfortune to gamble with a casino powered by their software and it goes under - they will not assist you in any way.
Thanks for the info jetset.

I will hold fire.

Meanwhile for my research has anyone played & been paid there lately?

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