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Aug 16, 2005
Hi all,

I have deposited $1000 and received $400(Requires $42000 Wager). Signup bonus.

They also assigned me a $20 Neteller deposit bonus, but it comes as VIP points.

I have tried to convert the VIP points ($20 Neteller points + $20 points for playing), but they have done something to my account, so I cannot convert the points to casino chips.

I have done about half the wager for the signup bonus playing Jacks or Better only.

I asked why I cannot convert them and get this answer:
We see that you have cashed in $400 worth of bonus.
You will have to demonstrate a true intention of
playing on the casino before you can cashin any
further bonuses from the Casino rewards account. And
also a good deposit history. Promotional bonus
accounts are suspended by the Promotional

I reply saying their terms and conditions state that I get both, and I get this reply:
Hello Player
Thank you for contacting Casino Rewards Support. Please be advised that
under the casino promotional Terms & Conditions you are currently not
eligible to redeem any further VIP points.
Whilst you may see VIP points available for redemption in your Casino
Rewards account, these points will not be released until you demonstrate
a serious intention to play, deposit & wager at the casino in
accordance with the Casino?s promotional Terms & Conditions:
"In the event that the casino deems a player to have misused a casino
account for the exploitation of promotional offers, without ever
demonstrating any degree of risk with personal funds or serious intention to
play, the redemption of all such promotional offers, including but not
limited to sign-up bonuses, will be suspended until such times as the
player demonstrates a purchase history at the casino."
In the event that your account reflects a true desire to play, wager
and risk personal funds, not solely in accordance with promotional
offers, but over a period of time, the casino may, at its discretion, review
your account and reverse this decision.
Please note, neither the Casino nor the Casino Support team is able to
provide you with specific guidance with regard to the steps necessary
to lift the suspension of points redemption.

I find this very dishonest. But what can I do.
I think accepting a $42000 Wager requirement, and depositing $1000, is indeed risking my money. I guess if they can find a reason to take it away in my account, then they can be doing it on all other players aswell?

"True intention of playing" How to demonstrate that?
And taking the ability to cashin VIP points away from me, after I have earned some points. Thats is totally bull***.
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Heinz said:
If so, they should write it in their terms&conditions.

That's interesting. Naturally, I just looked, and cannot find it in their T&C. If they don't have it anywhere else, then they must be the only online casino in the universe that doesn't address Denmark.

I recall this group with Blackjack Ballroom as not being exactly what I would call player-friendly. Without doing a search right now, I still recall complaints about them. I think they even changed WR once and applied retroactively. (if memory serves me) Also, note that they are not on Casinomeister's Good List. That is worth noting.

Read between the lines, Heinz. They want you to play slots. :eek2:

Good luck.
BJ Ballroom

This a casino rewards group. Almost any BJ player will get the rewards account locked. This group sends out all kinds of promotions and if you take more than one casino they will lock your account.

I have had my comp account locked, though I have deposited +$1,000 and cashed out less than that. Likewise clearing the cash out is not a simple task.

Casino Rewards casinos has been uninstalled for me.

I think the group should be changed to "reward the Casinos". Group is very tight and is for losers.


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