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Aug 13, 2013
I want to create an android application for BlackJack. First of all i want to ask is 8-deck game beatable? Is there any way to be sure that online casino will not cheat you (Play fair and not cheat behind the live cam)? If these answers are positive i want to ask some things which are important for my app.

1) Which count systems should i use. For now i am thinking Hi-Lo, Rapc, Zen and 7red. Which are the top systems in our days (difficulty level doesn't make any difference in application. Don't consider difficulty as negative factor.)?
2) I want to add four levels of betting spread (prudent, normal, risky, too risky) . Are there any resources where i can find how should i spread the bets and which will be the advantage for each accordingly?
3) Which should be the wager for the player based on his bets and spread?
4) Is there any site where i can find the player advantage for the casino rules, spread, counting system, bet amount in order to make the best combination of them?

I have bought The world's greatest blackjack book and i have read a lot of articles about counting systems and spread. The problem is that i can't find the four best counting systems in our days (the difficulty of them doesn't matter due to the application will do all the difficult thing for you).

If i have forgotten any important factor in order to beat BJ please inform me (I have take into account basic strategy for my app).


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Feb 25, 2004
Hi Alani,

I would say the main problem with the live dealers is that they use 8 packs but only deal about halfway through therefore you'll never (maybe very rarely) get a good enough count for a low risk high bet.

Also the shuffle is done to the side so it's difficult to follow card placement through the shuffle which would help with only half the pack being dealt.


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Sep 23, 2011
North Texas
Android App. Great Idea---NOT!!!


First of all, The World's Greatest Blackjack Book is an EXCELLENT read and essential for anyone who aspires to play Blackjack like a pro.

Although even the most recent updated revision is grossly outdated and by itself insufficient text for professional level play in today's world it is still one of my favorites. It is also the primary book I used to train myself in the early 80s to beat the house.

As quber pointed out, the live online casinos deal at most half an 8 deck shoe and I stress AT THE MOST. I completely understand your desire to use modern smart phone technology to develop such an app. I too spent much of my trying to get one up on the house in live Blackjack play.

Every step of the way they were on my tail. My 4 Deck system proved a threat so they went to 6 Decks, my 6 Deck system proved a threat so they went to 8 Decks. My 8 Deck system proved a threat (at least it was perceived as so) so the dreaded "Continuous Shoe" became the norm on countless tables that were ripe for the picking only 15 years ago.

If these online casinos even "think" your app or similar programs that undoubtedly already exist are a threat--in any way--they will take countermeasures to protect their bottom line. If they were dealing half the shoe it will become 1/4th. More likely, they will switch to the continuous shoe the moment they think there are people that have narrowed their house edge let alone gained an edge over their game.

If you continue in your endeavor, I truly wish you the highest level of success. Personally, I don't think the live online games are any more beatable than playing against the computer--they just move MUCH slower.

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