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Dear CasinoMeister:

The theme of this site is very interesting, I like it, while still withholding judgement a bit. (Please don't take offense, I am new to gambling, much less gambling online, and I have a lot to learn, so I'm trying not to just accept anything I see at face value. The potential for abuse in this industry is very obvious.)

I have visited another site,, which has Black Widow Casino on it's recommended list. This could mean that one of you is mistaken, or that the other site is either not uninformed about this casino, or is a indescriminate casino supporter based, presumably, on advertising over truth, or perhaps even specifically a casino portal.

The question is, do you know anything about this site? Can it normally be relied on (just missing information about Black Widow), or is it a fake? Does anyone else know?

I hope these are appropriate questions for the forum and look forward to replies.



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Heartly, this is one of the straightest sites among the portals, but if you want independent opinions on Black Widow (which has a shocking reputation for slowpay) you can use the search functions at other sites like Winneronline as well as here to get genuine player opinions regarding BW. And its sisters Sterlinghouse and Grand Banks.

Make sure you do that before you put your money down, however!


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Hi Heartly,

And welcome to the forum. Black Widow is one of the few casinos that was a "Casinomeister" casino until a year and a half ago when they had a serious player support malfunction - this was reported on here:

Last June, I met one of their operators at a party, where we discussed this (and a few other things) and this was reported on here:

This prompted me to blacklist the whole kit and kaboodle (they run three casinos).

In a nutshell, I would avoid this casino if you are playing bonuses. If you don't play bonuses, then you "may" not have a problem. This casino is powered by Playtech, and you can check my list here for any Playtech sites that don't pull these sort of ruses:

And like Jetset said, using the search button in the forum is a good thing. Don't forget to use Casinomeister's Knowledge Center where you can search the whole site to include the rogue section, newsletter, and Casinomeister news.


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As for, they seem to be "in the know" judging by their bad and ugly list. But the inclusion of Black Widow in their approved list is questionable.

Perhaps they are aware of my reports and don't feel that they apply; perhaps they have met the operators as well, and have had many good experiences that they haven't shared with their visitors.

Or they find that advertising for Black Widow is a profitable experience and player experience is insubstantial. I would email them and ask.


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Thanks for your help!

Thank you all for your prompt and helpful responses. I will indeed email Top-Gambler and see what kind of response I get. It is good to know that most of thier evaluations are close to yours, and perhaps they just missed this one.

I had already read the varying reports you made re: Black Widow before I made my post, and everything I've seen so far, here and in other places, supports the validity of this site. In an industry where billions of dollars are at stake, it is obvious that there is considerable motivation to perform all kinds of chicanery, not just on the part of amoral casino operators, but players as well. I like the fact that you track that as well. I may not have much gambling experience, but I HAVE been around the block a few times, and much of what I have read here would be difficult, if not impossible, for anyone with a deliberate attempt to deceive to accomplish. I am an experienced computer and internet user, and it can take a high level of discernment to determine truth with information gleaned from the internet.

Of course, there are subtleties... you have pointed out yourself in reference to another casino that they use shills... if I understand it correctly, people posing as a casino's customers that laud that site on boards such as your own that are paid by the casino to do so. However, for such a ruse to work well, your site must have a good reputation to support those misleading comments. Your diligence in this regard is commendable.

In essence, I am glad that I found casinomeister and appreciate the information available here.

I hope I've phrased this message correctly, I've tried to give an honestly meant complimentary feeling, while holding back a few honest reservations that I think any moderately intelligent person must have.

Thanks for being here!