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Oct 28, 2002
I know, I know, Black Widow is listed in the rogue section. I can see why, I made a cashout on the 17th, the following day I called to verify the withdrawl. They told me that it would take 7-10 days for the withdrawl. Then they turn around and say it will be longer than the 7-10 day wait. They couldn't even verify when the withdrawl will go out. I will be surprised if I get it at all, talk about poor customer service. Anyways, if they dont have it to me by next week I am going to raise as much hell as I can until I get my money. Their website states up to 5 days for a cashout. BS!!!!!
Why should it even take 5 DAYS to get your cashout!! When you make a deposit your funds are taken immediately, if not sooner. It just ranckles me to see this.
its a psychological game, they know the longer the funds are there the more likely you are to play with it. But, this case is complete B.S. They are pretty much like, we want your money right now, but If we owe you, we will pay you when we feel like it, if we feel like it. Th
You'll NEVER get a 5 day cashin from Black Widow or Grand Banks. They will screw with you as long as possible, even longer if you ever accept any bonuses from them. Expect it to take AT LEAST a month to get your money, maybe more.
You'll probably get paid, but they will drag it out as long as possible if they can't find a reason to deny it. If this is your first cashin, be sure you ask them if they need any faxback forms, etc to process your withdrawl. They would probably wait till the 'waiting period' has expired and then reverse it back to your account saying they need documents and start the whole procedure over again.

Look for the story Bryan posted after meeting with the owner of that group up in canada a few months ago. Its quite enlightening.
What the hell toofast4u?

You've ben a member for some time now in this forum, so you've been privy to all the devious things this casino group has been up to. I'm kind of speechless...

I've spent hours of my time merely writing about these dweebs. Do you think I do this for funny ha-ha's?? No, I do this to warn players, you included. What did you expect from BW?

If I tell you the water has been poisoned, would you still drink it??
Toofast4u, I'm pretty confident that you'll get your money but I'm also confident that the pay-out will be along the lines of 30 days as per JPM's thought.

But in the future you'd better watch out, Black Widow and Grand Banks are train wrecks looking for a place to happen. Have a good one.

LOL cipher, you put that SO well. I love that, a train wreck looking for a place to happen. Describes them perfectly!
This is absolutely standard operating procedure for these people, and it seems to work for them because they're still in business and that means that people (even those who have had ample warning) continue to play there and then put up with their BS.

Sorry to hear about your stress, toofast - but CM has been warning everyone for ages now, and on other sites there are similar tales of woe.
I finally got my money today from Blackwidow. I cashed out July 19th. yes this is not a typo. It ook them over two months to pay. Thier policy is: the more you win, the longer you wait. Thye want to discourage repeat winners from playing.
They sure do worldtraveler! If you like to lose, then you're welcome at Black Widow & Grand Banks. If you like to win, you won't be happy. They'll pretend to like you and welcome you, but they will make you wait forever for your money. Stay away!
Thanks jpm, but I will NOT stay away. I am just making too much money off them. I'll just play after they pay me, even if it takes them two months to pay. I have enough bankroll to ride, but their tactic is successfull at slowing me down. They cannot afford to have a reputation of not paying. But they can live with a reputation of slow paying winners. After all, they don't want those winners...
Well don't say you weren't warned. Slow pay is typically a tactic used by a casino in financial trouble, basically borrowing from peter (new players) to pay paul (old winners). Its been shown time & time again, the latest being Atlantic Interbet. There were alot of players there who said the same thing as you, I'm making too much money and I don't mind them paying slow. Unfortunately for them, AIB up and closed about a year ago and most of them never saw their money again (including some employees even!).

Keep that in mind so that when it does happen there (and I think it will), you won't get any sympathy here. And I think they are on the rogue list as well, so I don't think Bryan would be too keen on helping at that point either.

Now its your choice to learn from history or repeat it!
They were doing this from the start years ago although they claimed amazingly fast cashouts on their websites. I haven't played there since they switched software.
They were quicker way back when they were RTG. I played there alot then and I think it was about 1.5 week average for a paypal withdrawl. It was nowhere near as bad as it is now.
Grand Banks is awful at paying out! I now have a withdrawal pending for 30 days. I will not play there again. Although I will say that in the past I won big there. One weekend I got 3 $4000 royal flushes!!! And yes I did get paid, but it took a long time.So long that I eventually put $4000 back in. It is hard to leave a place that lets you win, but I can't feel safe at a place where getting your winning is a crap shoot!
Did you make a Neteller deposit and ask for a Neteller withdrawal?

The reason why I ask is that I also win there.
But, payouts DO take 30 days or more and then you have to keep chasing them for your money. Even with a Neteller account!

I asked Neteller to look into this problem.
Grand Banks and Black Widow BOTH emailed me and said that they are backlogged with Neteller withdrawals and to please be patient.

They also told me that if I wanted, get a Prepaid ATM card and they would send my money to the card instead of Neteller and that it would be faster.

Lanidar, I find it very strange indeed that Grand Banks AND Black Widow would suggest that you obtain a pre-paid ATM card. I stopped doing business sometime ago with pre-paid ATM and went with Neteller exclusively and I'm thinking that I'm glad I did. Have a good one.

cipher, I agree with you that it was a VERY strange suggestion. But, I spoke to their CS personally and thats what the told me to do if I wanted a faster payout rather than using Neteller as a means of withdrawal. :confused:
This is also TOTAL B.S. from this casino group. Read the article Bryan posted here after he met with the guy who runs B.W. & G.B., he tells exactly why payouts are so slow. IT IS INTENTIONAL! The only reason there is a 'backlog' of neteller cashins is because these casinos created the backlog.

He spells it out very clearly, if you play there and you accept bonuses, they will screw with your cashin and delay it longer and longer to discourage you from playing there.

I've done well there myself but refuse to go back until they change this policy, regardless of all the bonus offers they throw at me. The software has been removed from my computer and won't go back until the straighten up. The only thing that will make them change is if it hurts their bottom line so I suggest that if you want to see the policy change, then boycott them until they change it or go under.
You are absolutely correct...This is TOTAL BS!
Lets see what happens when Neteller gets back to me next week.

I asked Neteller to look into this problem.
Grand Banks and Black Widow BOTH emailed me and said that they are backlogged with Neteller withdrawals and to please be patient.
WOW! This is deja vu all over again! I had the same experience with Grand Banks. Had a nice $1,000 win. Went back & forth, with their service rep. Emails not returned, etc. They apologized for taking so long & would promise to have it credited in a few days. Then, nothing. Finally, one day when I called, I spoke with the casino manager. He asked if I had either a Neteller or Firepay account (I had both!). He said he could deposit the money right away into my firepay account, said it should be there within a day. I didn't believe it- but it was actually there in about 5 minutes! All that after weeks & weeks of problems??!! This was several months ago & I stopped playing there after the win. I just don't think you should have to fight to get your wins paid!

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